Top Ten Lame Things Adults Do to Pre-Teens


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1 Picking On Them For Their Looks V 1 Comment
2 Talking About Their Future
3 Being Rude To Their Friends

If we are suppose to respect all grown ups then you respect our friends. I hate it when people might not let their kids hang out with someone because they're 'bad influence' on them and that mostly is because the other kid is a punk or goth. - JelloLife

4 Telling Them They're On The Internet Too Much

Everyone is too much on the internet. - JelloLife

5 Judging Their Style

Well I have a sidecut now and it covers my eye and I really hate it when grown ups see you and they're like "when are you going to get a hair cut? :)" even though they know that you like yourself that way. - JelloLife

6 Not Letting Them Be Themselves

I really hates it when parents don't let their kids be themself like forcing them to be in a religion or not letting them listen to the music they like or not letting them wear what they want. - JelloLife

Like my mom is always trying to hover over me and change how I act, what I like, how I dress - ToptenPizza

7 Explaining Everything They Do
8 Treating Them Like A Baby
9 Telling Them To Grow Up

Mom: "Grow up."

10 Not Giving Them Any Private Life

If you're going to have a child then please give them privacy. - JelloLife

I can't agree with this enough - LizardKing99

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