Lamest Arguments Made by Rustlers

Oh gods. This site is in a serious crisis right now. In case you haven't been active here a lot, but there has been quite a lot of flame wars on this site, a lot of which is about getting rid of sensitive people here through the way of rustling. While rustlers make some good points, they sometimes make points that make no sense at all or are just flat-out lame. Here are the lamest ones I have found.

Oh and no, this is not me getting "rustled" by the rustlers, in case you were wondering, I just thought that words needed to be spoken, wether you find me unintentionally funny or not. So without further ado, let's start!

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1 If You Report Someone, You're Rustled

Wow I don't mean to be rude but most of these arguments are true - 445956

Which is true - iliekpiez

Eh, it depends on who you reported. - MrCoolC

Again, someone said this!? - MrCoolC

2 You "Pretend" To Be Smart

Yeah, sure. Darthvadern, somebody who makes a lists about countries, adds long comments about them pretends that he is smart but really isn't. Not even trying to be arrogant, but really. Because my arguments aren't as strong as the rustlers and they manage to find a way to debunk them, I am appearently "pretending" to be smart. Wow, just wow. Surely I am just "pretending" to be smart with this list as well - darthvadern

And..? Do you know the government or the economic state of a country of Suriname? - iliekpiez

3 The Policy Doesn't Allow Criticism

Constrictive criticism is important for everyone. - BorisRule

It's another lie, as critisicm is allowed on the site as well, just not every form of criticism. The policy is to make this site a safe enviroment with as less haters as possible (and if you don't like the policy it's your problem), and using harsh criticism and acting like a hippie isn't the most contructive way of critisizing people. Some people may think you have anger issues or something like that, and that that is the reason you decide to be harsh. Of course, harsh criticism can be constructive as well, but if it all ends up in a flame war, it's certainly not constructive, but rather damaging - darthvadern

It doesn't though - iliekpiez

That explains why this list even got approved in the first place, am I right? - darthvadern

4 Cyberbullying Isn't Real

This is a simple lie that people who have not been cyberbullied use. It's a simple lie that can be debunked, and it's already been proven that it is real. It's low on the list because it's gotten quite old though and at this point there are other arguments that need to be talked about anyways - darthvadern

It depends. If it's one person, it's no big deal. But cyber bullying becomes a problem when it spreads. It becomes unstoppable. Relentless. It basically kicks you off the internet. - Cyri

It is real BUT it simply isn't even that much to be concerned about as you can easily block someone and real life bullying is much worse. - DarkBoi-X

While I agree that the suicides are an overreaction, and a sad one at that, sometimes it gets too big to block. That's when it gets bad. - Cyri

Probably the only good argument made here. - MrCoolC

5 Not Using Racial Slurs/Cursing Makes You Immature

I pity these folks. - Ananya

Not true. Some people just don't like swearing and stuff because they want to use a clean language, as these words are just used to bother people. There is a reason parents don't teach racial slurs and cursing to their children because they don't want them to grow up and become bullies, heck, even some adults prefer not to swear because of this same reason. Swearing is understandable if you've maybe hurt yourself very badly, but if you're on the internet there's no need to share your vocabulary - darthvadern

I cuss sometimes, but racial slurs are just wrong.

I swear only when I feel very shocked or when I very angry. Using racial slurs is discouraged and if you have an urge to say the slurs, just say them home alone. I hate racial slurs through. :/ - BorisRule

6 Not Being Able To Swear is a Huge Issue

Really? You complain about not being able to swear on here when there's tons of bigger flaws than not being able to use every word? A clean language is much more appealing to look at in my opinion. By the way not swearing on the internet is like the easiest thing ever anyway. You just don't need to type a swear word and that's it, it's as simple as that - darthvadern

No. Just no. It really isn't.

Oh no a swear word! - iliekpiez

They probably said this because IronSabbathPriest had his post removed for containing swearing.

7 Not All Critisicm Has To Be Constructive

Really? So what does critisicm have to be then? Insulting? Being heard? Criticism is meant to help people improve and it does need to be constructive. Wether critisicm is nice or harsh, they can all be constructive to be able to help people. But appearently your point is that critisicm doesn't need to be constructive. What's the point of critisicm then if it doesn't need to be meant to help people? - darthvadern

Puga or Piez argument. - Userguy44

8 Even if You Curse Tons in A Comment, It Doesn't Make You Rustled

No, but it makes you look like you're just very whiny and annoying and have anger issues. Cursing is usually overreacted a lot, true, but constantly cursing because of that makes you look like a hippie. While it's true that cursing isn't as bad as many people say it is, when you constantly curse and use a curse and insult in every sentence you write, people will start wondering what is with you, just an advice - darthvadern

It doesn't though, many people use them normally and daily. - iliekpiez

9 Making Users Retire Improves The Site

Doesn't make the site better. - Userguy44

And when did someone argue this - it can get rid of the surplus population - iliekpiez

Essentially the same meaning, and many of the users that retire aren't all that good so - iliekpiez

Well it depends on the user.Sensitive people should get off the site.So should perverts. - DarkBoi-X

The best way to improve the site is ignoring trolls, hypersensitive users and stuff. Rustling and harassing won't help the problem, except creating huger problems, because you'll just gain a lot of hate outside of TheTopTens. The more I think about it, the rustling may be why the site gains such a bad reputation outside of the site. While there may be a lot of trolls and hypersensitivity here and there, you should just ignore them, and if lucky, criticize them in a very nice manner. Using harsh criticism on sensitive users will just end up in flame wars - darthvadern

10 Flame Wars Can Be Necessary

Flame wars mostly drive users away. Definitely not a good thing. - Userguy44

Flame wars are never necessary, they just damage the site a lot. While you can say that hypersensitivity and trolls can damage a lot, that's only if you feed them. Ignoring them is the best solution. As for sensitive people, sooner or later they will mature and realize that they have been immature, so you should just ignore them - darthvadern

No, it really isn't. If the flame wars occur more often in the website, this will fuel the damage on the website, a lot of people will bandwagon it for the sake of competing it which will be incredibly stupid and cause people to consequently leave the site if it happens more often. - yamionthetrap

And anti rustlers don't damage the site? - iliekpiez

Well if a lot of anti rustlers want peace then why is it that many anti rustlers throw hissy fits over the smallest things possible like different opinions and swearing. - DarkBoi-X

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