Top Ten Lamest Reasons Why Daisy Fangirls Hate Rosalina

I've been wanting to make this list for quite a long time. I really start to hate it when people fight about Daisy and Rosalina. "Rosalina is better!" "No Daisy is." So I have made two separate lists. This one is about Daisy fans and the other list is about Rosalina fans. BTW, no this is NOT insulting or attacking Daisy's/Rosalina's character in any way. This is just me saying that Daisy fans should leave Rosalina alone and Rosalina fans should leave Daisy alone.

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1 Rosalina is Replacing Daisy

I am a Rosalina and Daisy fan, as the comment bellow says and I also do belive that there are bad Daisy fans and bad Rosalina fans. The bad ones start arguments and yell and scream and cry. They are CHARACTERS. But not all of them are bad. The good fans don't get angry when someone says they like Daisy/Rosalina more and accept other people. And we all know about Peach yes, most of us hate her and her fans are annoying. This is the best list ever.

*Bows Down* Thank You. I do like Peach, but Daisy and Rosalina are way better. - DCfnaf

I am both a Rosalina and Daisy fan. I LIKE BOTH.

In what universe? They are in most games together, and Rosalina appears in more main games because she is more relevant. Plain and simple. - Wereweegee

See why I hate Daisy Fan Brats? Not all of them are like this, but they act like Rosalina is taking everything from Daisy and that Daisy deserves better than Space Peach. SHUT UP MORONS! Daisy was just as relevant then as she is now! Rosalina is a new character. Plain and simple. - DCfnaf

What Smash (especially) if it is stupid.
Daisy is hated and not receive it well, however Rosalina was not so popular, but neither hated her. And in this installment they sought to include more female characters.
In this if I agree. - Julieta

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2 Rosalina is Bland and Has No Personality

I agree that Daisy has the most obvious personality out of the three ladies. But Rosalina has personality too. She is a kind, caring, intelligent guardian of the galaxy who takes care of her lumas and protects the Galaxy. Daisy is a loud, lively, sassy princess who is very good at sports. BOTH have personalities. - DCfnaf

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3 Rosalina Serves No Purpose

This is such a dumb argument considering Daisy serves less of a purpose than Rosalina does. Daisy only appeared as a damsel in distress in Super Mario Land, practically being the Princess Peach of that game. After that, Peach needed a playing partner so Daisy came back and ever since, all she has done has appeared in Spinoffs. Also, Rosalina doesn't help Mario in Galaxy because she isn't PLAYABLE! - DCfnaf

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4 Rosalina Fangirls are Annoying

Yeah they are, but are you guys any better? You guys compare Daisy to Rosalina just to get rage in the comment section and try to prove that Daisy is better. But you don't HAVE to. You can just tell us your reasons why you like Daisy instead of saying stuff like "compare her amazing personality to Rosalina who has none". You really have no reason to. - DCfnaf

Every single reason on this list is perfect.

Well, yes, but this is just the fanbase.

5 Rosalina is in Too Many Games

Are you serious! Just because she is in too many games and is overrated doesn't mean she is bad. Daisy has actually been in many more games than her. Daisy was in a majority of the spinoffs as Peach's partner. Then Rosalina came along and appeared in 3 mainseries titles and most of the spinoffs (in Rio 2016 she is only a guest! GRRR! ) - DCfnaf

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6 Rosalina is Ugly V 2 Comments
7 Rosalina's Popular Simply Because She's Hot

It's SIMPLY not true. Rosalina is popular because she is interesting, surrounded in mystery, and has character development (no she is not the only character who has this since Luigi, Bowser, and Wario exist). She is also one of the most useful characters in 3D World since she can spin attack (don't mess with Rosalina). Peach and Daisy are also pretty and I don't see people hoarding towards them. - DCfnaf

From some perv maybe, but there aren't just pervs in her fanbase.

8 Rosalina's Popular Simply Because of Frozen

It's SIMPLY not true. Super Mario Galaxy came out in 2007. This was practically 7-8 years before Elsa and Frozen. Besides, we're talking about a cool and amazing character, not Elsa. - DCfnaf

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9 Rosalina is Perfect and Empty

Is being called perfect an insult? Yeah, that's what I thought. Mario and Pauline are also perfect and I don't see people attacking them (NO MARIO IS NOT MENTAL! ). Besides, Rosalina CAN make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. Also, if she's empty, why does she have character development? - DCfnaf

How is being called perfect an insult? - Ultron123

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10 Rosalina is a Clone of Peach

Pink Gold Peach. Need I say more? *Leaves room*

Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina were all created by the SAME ARTIST. - DCfnaf

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