Best Lana Del Rey Music Videos

A beautiful voice and a true artist when it comes to her presentation and her musical vision, let's celebrate Queen Lana. If you haven't seen one or more of these videos, take a break from whatever you're doing, and make time. You won't regret it.

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1 Blue Jeans Blue Jeans
2 Ride Ride

Ok you've got to be honest... This is THE best music video she has- far more better than blue jeans. The Blue jeans video to me is just Lana and another guy doing stuff in a pool. Ride is her in many places in many different times doing many different times. I totally agree with the people that commented "a total masterpiece". That is the truest thing that I have ever heard!

Is there even a doubt? Ride is a masterpiece! Wonderful poem

The best song, and the best video. Lana is a genius.

This video deserved an Oscar! Unique!

3 National Anthem National Anthem

HOW is this not #1? It's easily her classiest music video, and tells the story of JFK and Jackie so beautifully. Lana's acting is amazing, and the Marilyn Monroe reference at the beginning is priceless, the speech at the end practically golden. What a beautiful video.

It's set in the 50s and it's about JFK, Jackie, and Marilyn. It's such a great way to tell that story, and so classy! The speech at the end and her Marilyn Monroe impression at the beginning will stay with you for days.

So creative, unique, and emotional.

4 Born To Die Born To Die
5 Summertime Sadness Summertime Sadness

In my opinion one of the greatest songs of all time with best video by Lana... Love!

6 Tropico

Body Electric / Gods & Monsters / Bel Air - muelr

7 Shades of Cool Shades of Cool

She's dead the whole time! It's about her lover letting go all these years after she died.

8 Young and Beautiful Young and Beautiful

The music video is so simple, less is more! But I think it's still beautiful, Lana looks so perfect and the music video doesn't have to have a story.

9 High by the Beach

For some reason, I am addicted to this video...

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10 Summer Wine

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11 Video Games Video Games

She looks so beautiful and the footage is all delicate and vintage looking

12 West Coast West Coast
13 Burning Desire Burning Desire
14 Ultraviolence Ultraviolence
15 Serial Killer

But there isn't a video for this

16 Mr. President
17 Carmen Carmen
18 Honeymoon
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