Top Ten Lana Del Rey Songs that are Not Singles

Lana Del Rey has millions of good songs, but the spotlight allways go to the SINGLES.

The Top Ten

1 Gods & Monsters

A Highlight not only on the Paradise album, but for Lana's whole career. This song never EVER gets old to me, with it's catchy composition and sexy lyrics, it can be stuck in your mind forever. - Bayano1

2 Off to the Races

The chorus part in this song almost killed me the first time I heard it! It's one of the catchiest songs that Lana did. When the chorus part is about to begin I get really excited and want to listen to it more and more, and hope that the chorus never end. - Bayano1

3 Diet Mountain Dew

I just love the rap vibes in this song just like "Off to the races". So So catchy in a way that takes you to Lana's world and lets you feel the amazing background piano as if you are in heaven! but I don't know what "Diet mountain dew" actually means. It should have been named "New York City" in my opinion. - Bayano1

4 Cruel World

A very good intro song on "Ultraviolence". It gives you those chilly feelings at the begining and then changes to a catchy dreamy chorus. - Bayano1

5 Carmen
6 Radio
7 The Blackest Day
8 Old Money
9 Religion
10 Salvatore

The Contenders

11 Sad Girl
12 Cola
13 Pretty When You Cry
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