Best The Land of Stories Characters

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1 Alex Bailey

She is mostly the best and the most strong person I ever met in my life. She will make a very scary cannot stop without Conner Bailey person. (Or fairy) I love her!

Alex Bailey is a really brave, inspring person. She is a kind fairy and loving sister. She helped save the world countless times.

Alex is very brave through the whole series from finding the wishing spell to get home,defeating the enchantress, fighting the Grande Armee, recruiting the literary army...she had to have many courage to do that.

Alex is so smart. She is brave and willful, and so determined. She is also super smart and is an awesome Fairy Godmother!

2 Conner Bailey

Conner is so funny and he is a great writer, which is something I love! He provides a lot of comic relief to the story.

He is so funny! He got tons of joke and even though when he don't want to he mostly do. I like him.

Ha! Conner is hilarious! He makes me laugh heaps.

3 Froggy

Charlie boy I $ you!

4 Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a very vain person, but that's what makes her so special! She is very pretty, has style, and is unique in every way possible.

A little bit annoying don't you think? She's well mostly she's just talking and bragging. but I need to say the way she kill Morina? Awesome!

I like her but half of me says she's a know-at all. but I found it very amusing in book 4 first chapter when she talk about wedding in a fighting.

Red is soo funny! I loved the bit where Goldie told her that Clawdius was a wolf, not a puppy. Just my favourite character ever.

5 Cinderella
6 Jack

Jack is brave and really good at fighting.

7 Goldilocks

I love her! She's so, so strong and not any woman I know in the book or world. She is loyal to her own friend and a scary swordwoman who likes to kill Red but didn't so she's kind

I just love Goldilocks! She is so strong and would do anything to protect her friends.

Goldilocks is not like any women I know. she's strong and not so funny but kind.

8 Sleeping Beauty
9 Bree Campbell

Bree Campbell is cool and calm. She is smart and tech-savvy. No wonder Connor likes her!

I love Bree! I think her relationship with Conner is just soo adorable!

10 Snow White
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11 Emmerich
12 Rapunzel
13 Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother is sweet, kind, and caring for others. She is a role model for Alex and Conner and is awesome.

14 Charlotte Bailey

The twins' mom is an awesome mom. She stayed strong for the twins even after her husband's death.

15 Morina

She was the most evil (Lower then the enchantress) witch I every saw. She's evil and smart but because she was so angry she forgot that Red is a little bit of well sometime strong when she's very angry

Morina is probably my favourite land of stories villain. She's so smart and so evil. I fee bad for the countless innocent people she killed to make her beauty potions.

16 Dr. Bob
17 Mother Goose
18 Rumpelstiltskin
19 The Enchantress

She is strong and I love her. I love her name and she's strong and she's smart (except the part when Alex took her pride in the end).

She was Strong, Awesome and Misunderstood person. I love her!

Such a badass

20 The Evil Queen

She just wanted to have her man back!

21 Emeralda
22 Sir Lampoon
23 Skylene
24 Xanthous

I do not Like him but I just love his power.

25 Tangerina Turkin
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