Best Top Lane Champions In League of Legends

The Top Ten

1 Riven

too good

Killing those adc's easy

She never gets boring. Always fun, very mobile, high burst, high CC, and can a lot of damage.

She does a lot of damage and she has 2cc

2 Darius

Aggressive always

So strong, and does not fall off

He is so funny strong champ

Strong early game

3 Aatrox

It is the best champ for top

He is super cool

Actually wins every time

Awesome dude

4 Garen

Just the boss

You just have to wait for your level 6... with proper build and with proper masteries and runes garen is untouchable later on in the game

Most likely you will always see fed Garen. I wonder why?

He can silence his enemy and silence again with the judgement and DEMACIA!

5 Pantheon

With the right builds and good timing q just becomes easy to use

Onr of the best

One of the best snowballers in the game.

He should be the best top lane I rule with him but his ult is not that strong and takes time if you use him you should max out the q

6 Fiora

To good of a champ to not play can very easily 1v5 later on in the game if you know how to play her right


The best Fiora is good

Amazing champ,and hot as well

7 Shyvana

Hybrid Shyvanna is awesome. specially for top and ganking later in the game.

Titanic Hydra Shyvana is a really good build and I think she's a better top laner than jungler

Insane damage output that makes her perfect for top lane. Make a tanky shyvanna and you have a high DPS tank that are so rare in LOL. She doesn't use mana or energy and her ult comes back on very fast. And boy when she ults, everything about her just multiplies.

8 Gangplank

Very high damage and everyone underestimates you... just kill em and he is HOT!

Most balanced and healthy champion in the game

I'm trying to learn gp but if anybody wants to help me that would be great my lol name is pugwazzy47 please help me.

Because he is the best stacker for me

9 Jax

If I have level 3 you can't win me in a 1v1

No one can 1v1 jax toe to toe. Even new mordekaizer can't

The dude is a badass with a lamppost, you just can't compete

Best top champ

10 Renekton

In Early game is the best champion top

Easy to play for beginner

He best

Renekton is really strong because he has a lot of potential to carry and it is very hard to put play a good renekton

The Contenders

11 Nasus

If you stack Q early, you will have a high chance of destroying the enemy.

Easy for beginners

Nasus is a god of critic

Just a beast, his area damage is insane

12 Teemo

Teemo burn other players very good yes

I ace with him

Toxic top laner

ya man

13 Puto

Tngina mo puto ginangbang mo mama ko

Please nerf his penis... too OP

Never heard of that guy before? is he still in LoL?

Puto all the, way!

14 Illaoi

Kill me

She rules the toplane

the best

Good ult lead to win teamfight

15 Irelia

Even for a beginner like me she is easy to learn after a few games and is unstoppable with trinity and the right runes

Irelia is hard to play, but with the right build, runes and a high mastery is unstoppable.

Irelia has overall stats that makes her hard to counter, she scales ad with base damage of ap, plus her passive wrecks ass

You can simply get a penta with her

16 Xin Zhao

Easy champion to master once you learn how to use

Win now with xin zhao

Just wow I'm a master with him

Best Winther attack speed and ad so you on Pentakill mode

17 Nibba

Nibba is a very cool champ but, you have to be a little patient in early game as he scales late


I've been playing Nibba for like 2 weeks now, and I think I wanna main him. Overall really fun, but also kinda broken I guess

Truly a great champ.

18 Shen

Ahh what item plss

He's best team champ

His q w e combo is op

Taunt while sword is behind you Q to pull sword, and then kill em, its that easy. W for survivabillity and you always win.

19 Gnar

Very good I am a player who plays with gnar

With Gnar I have about 80% win rate in ranked #1

Op because he can do the long range in top, and when he turns into mega gnar, he can easily 1v1

A good gnar can turn games around in a teamfight!

20 Rengar

Rengar can definitely counter everyone with his builds because they are adjustable, you can take armor penetration for tanks, 1 vs 1 he is op, in group fights he can also make a good mess... So, I think He is in top 3 with Darius and Kata

He can good jungle and he op at top because passive and ferocity

Rengar is my fave champion in laugh out loud@@

The most op player I have ever seen. His passive is fantastic and his combo is leading to take the kill. OPPP

21 Kennen

Great to carry people who suck at teamfighting.

Is the best topliner

22 Tryndamare

When you get level 2 or 6 you're a very reliable top laner

By mid game you can have 90% crit rate which practically doubles your Attack power, mix this with the self healing and powerful movement ability and he's god

Build your essential items first and watch the other team plead for mercy.

Very powerful late game. Can escape almost any situation. Tower drivings not a problem. Not a huge need for potions

23 Talon

His burst is broken

Best top lane for me



24 Yasuo


Yasuo is a great champion

May the Wind Be With You

Mainly mid

25 Singed

When Flash knows he can used poison gas as advantages

Can't chase him.

God of top lane

26 Rumble

Fire + fire ult = burnt enemies

Don't play with fire

27 Malphite

His tankiness is just sooo goood. Especially if fed correctly.

Full Ap Malphite is good :^)

28 Dr. Mundo

Keep your range early game. cleaver is your friend

Overpowered in the current meta


Mundo can dominate against Teemo,Illiao,and so many others I know this because I main Mundo and I played against all of these champs and my Mundo dominates.

29 Master Yi

Master yi is the one who strongly in the farm


Pentakill cheater

30 Jayce

By far the best top laner I have played.

Jayce is the best top later in my opinion if u know how to play him. U can get a 1st blood easily even when the minions have not spawned. He counters almost every top laner in the game and can snipe you out easily under turret. But this needs skill and map awareness.

31 Olaf


Olaf is an OP champion. His Q does a good amount of damage while slowing and almost no cool down time if you go pick up the axe

32 Kha'zix

His difficulty is up but for me he's so easy playing champ. In first check I knew that this champ was for me!

33 Wukong

They are not too much who can play with wukong
You can use his w in smart play tricks and his ult is pretty good in team fights


34 Katarina

It's a she

he good

35 Volibear

I love this bear he is so strong

Good tank and good bite 😀

36 Ekko

Just master using your ult and you reign

How Can You NOT LLike Ekko He's A decent toplaner after errr...a few months experience. But other than that nawh

37 Ornn

He is the best

Best ornn eu!

38 Ashe

10/10 busted champ on top. Riot should nerf, ez win, why don't pro players abuse?!

Probably best top laner ever

39 Yorick

His Ultimate allows him to play from a distance giving him range. His E spell when it hits champs sends his minions he has spawned and ultimate after them in a frenzy cause double the damage. every time his ultimate starts feeding from minions they convert upon death to more ghoul minions giving OP push power. Must focus on just farming until level 6. and any attack damage items you buy amps up the damage done by his ultimate and minion ghouls.

40 Abyss

So overpower

Very powerful.

His Q conjures a rift underneath the enemies feet that does 100% Current Health, His W heals 100% of his Maximum Health, and His E literally makes him go 400% faster than normal. His R makes him teleport and destroy the enemy Nexus. He is incredibly weak thought.

41 Sion

Easy wins eh :^) this guy can't live without proper ganks :shrug:

42 Lissandra

Op top lane only problem is mana

She is a good counter to most tanks since her Q has enough poke in it, while W and E lets her initiate a fight with an advantage or to get away quickly. Her R is a no-brainer, and is useful for locking down pesky champions that don't want to die. - sapphirewhirlwind

43 Karma

Buy enough ap and her ulted up Q will delete you

44 Quinn

She's/he's great on 1vs1

45 Kayle

Very Good Carry in Late Game, can kill anything beside a tank of a overfeeded player, good mobility and escape options throughout the game if you are warding the lane - duducomo

46 Nidalee

Her dance is poll dancing lol

If you put her in the right hands she can be unbeatable

47 Vi

Her E make's you a surprising threat in the laning phase. Her ganking potential and ability to take down the enemy's ADC is obvious.

48 Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is the best champ in league. 32% max health on one ability, percentage of his max health with every auto, a stun, a slow, two health bars, and a free teleport.

49 Taric

Taric is situational for top lane. If you need a tank or have good synergy with your team. Such as a J4 jungle and MF adc his ult makes team fights an easy task.

50 Lee Sin
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