Best Top Lane Champions In League of Legends

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1 Riven

She does a lot of damage and she has 2cc

Make sure to go to Toxic Camp before playing Riven or else success chance will be low, although we have people like BoxBox who has bypassed the system

My main boys and girls

Riven can 1hit adc!

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2 Darius

His passive and R are BEST COMBO on top

I like him he get a big muscle lol

I wonder who can take Darius.

Darius is super strong because of his passive and his Q which heals him. Plus his ult does true damage. He wreaks havoc on top lane.

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3 Aatrox

No champ in this game can out sustain aatrox.

Awesome dude

The second best maybe

He is very op when he have is blade of the ruined king
He has his OP pssive
HE can snowball the game and one jump on them and free kill

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4 Garen

You just have to wait for your level 6... with proper build and with proper masteries and runes garen is untouchable later on in the game

Most likely you will always see fed Garen. I wonder why?

He can silence his enemy and silence again with the judgement and DEMACIA!

too good

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5 Pantheon

One of the best snowballers in the game.

He should be the best top lane I rule with him but his ult is not that strong and takes time if you use him you should max out the q

W then E then Q then attack some more then ignite you HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY!

His shield is op every 3 hit you get shield and block attack. can easily beat fiora and nasus and...

6 Fiora

The best Fiora is good

Amazing champ,and hot as well


She's definitely the strongest top laner out there even if you haven't mastered her completely.
She fits in with the current meta and has great sustain and very high damage even with all tank items.

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7 Gangplank

Most balanced and healthy champion in the game

Op late game


8 Shyvana

Hybrid Shyvanna is awesome. specially for top and ganking later in the game.

Titanic Hydra Shyvana is a really good build and I think she's a better top laner than jungler

9 Jax

The League had to put restrictions on how he fought because he was so good. I mean come on. The guy fights with a lamp post.

Strong all phases of the game, and is a ticking time bomb. Don't let him get to late game, this guy will surely screw you over.

He fights with a lamppost like come on

Jax q is a great gap-closer his w for good dmg and his e is simply amazing

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10 Renekton

Renekton is really strong because he has a lot of potential to carry and it is very hard to put play a good renekton

King of top lane. Extremely easy to pick up.

First top person I played top and is by far my main, super easy to learn and combos are crazy to dive adc.

He does a lot of dmg And He Is top můj tank

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11 Nasus

Once u play Farmville for 20min early game, u can start farming champions

He's pretty easy to farm up early, then you decimate the enemy.

Nasus becomes unstoppable in the late game

His early game isn't that bad, I even beat a Darius out of lane once. Mute your team and farm up, then kill everyone while stacking tons of resist and hp, no offensive items at all.

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12 Teemo

Never underestimate the power of the scouts code

Hate this champ

Captain teemo on duty

Teemo is good when 1v1 only

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13 Xin Zhao

Easy champion to master once you learn how to use

Win now with xin zhao

Just wow I'm a master with him

Best Winther attack speed and ad so you on Pentakill mode

14 Illaoi

Strong lane presence, fast wave clear, and strong duelist

Very op champion I adore it!

She is the best for top lane!

Ultimate... enemy PENTA KILL... too good

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15 Irelia

You can simply get a penta with her

She got nerfed so hard and is still unkillable after trinity force

16 Rengar

Rengar can definitely counter everyone with his builds because they are adjustable, you can take armor penetration for tanks, 1 vs 1 he is op, in group fights he can also make a good mess... So, I think He is in top 3 with Darius and Kata

He can good jungle and he op at top because passive and ferocity

The most op player I have ever seen. His passive is fantastic and his combo is leading to take the kill. OPPP

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17 Gnar

Op because he can do the long range in top, and when he turns into mega gnar, he can easily 1v1

With Gnar I have about 80% win rate in ranked #1

A good gnar can turn games around in a teamfight!

18 Shen

Titanic Hydra OP

Global presence makes it easy to split push and ult in when you need to. Great utility with his taunt and shield.

He is so tank in top lane but him not have a darmage

He is my hero

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19 Kennen


20 Tryndamare

Build your essential items first and watch the other team plead for mercy.

Very powerful late game. Can escape almost any situation. Tower drivings not a problem. Not a huge need for potions

This guy rocks.

Alt is so op. Then w e combo out. Tp flash. Shiv IE you'll be set

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