Best Top Lane Champions In League of Legends

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21 Tryndamare

Build your essential items first and watch the other team plead for mercy.

Very powerful late game. Can escape almost any situation. Tower drivings not a problem. Not a huge need for potions

This guy rocks.

Can counter all top champs, escape and chase with W + E and critical strike the enemy until death. Most pentas I've seen were done by Tryndamere. He is probably the best late gamer too, so if fed you're done. Should be number 1 or 2.

22 Puto

Puto all the, way!

Never heard of that guy before? is he still in LoL?

He is a jungler and many kit nerf kit he has a big penis and his ult is very weak he is the strongest champ he's q has a very high damage and he's w is for clash and he's e is penis puto and galing ko diba

23 Singed V 2 Comments
24 Yasuo

Yasuo is a great champion

May the Wind Be With You

25 Malphite

Full Ap Malphite is good :^)

26 Dr. Mundo

Overpowered in the current meta


Mundo can dominate against Teemo,Illiao,and so many others I know this because I main Mundo and I played against all of these champs and my Mundo dominates.

In my opinion, Mundo can destroy even champions that "counter him because of his passive and R whitch makes him gain lots of HP back. If you know how to farm(mostly with W but sometimes you need Q and E) you will not need help on your counters, he also doesn't have mana and can use his abilities whenever he wants which have a very little cooldown, is there a better champ than Mundo? I don't think so..

27 Talon

Best top lane for me



He can burst almost everyone late game with his e w q ignite r combo and if you build armour pen you can burst everything. Watch out for cc though. And stay safe earliy or until level 3 use w to harras and farm and you win. 4 pentas in one game :).

28 Jayce
29 Master Yi

Pentakill cheater

30 Rumble

Don't play with fire

31 Wukong

They are not too much who can play with wukong
You can use his w in smart play tricks and his ult is pretty good in team fights

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32 Olaf

Olaf is an OP champion. His Q does a good amount of damage while slowing and almost no cool down time if you go pick up the axe

33 Ekko

How Can You NOT LLike Ekko He's A decent toplaner after errr...a few months experience. But other than that nawh

34 Volibear

I love this bear he is so strong

35 Katarina
36 Nidalee

If you put her in the right hands she can be unbeatable

37 Vi

Her E make's you a surprising threat in the laning phase. Her ganking potential and ability to take down the enemy's ADC is obvious.

38 Karma V 1 Comment
39 Lulu

OP OP OP Counter melee easily :D

40 Lissandra

She is a good counter to most tanks since her Q has enough poke in it, while W and E lets her initiate a fight with an advantage or to get away quickly. Her R is a no-brainer, and is useful for locking down pesky champions that don't want to die. - sapphirewhirlwind

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