Top 10 Languages for Singing Metal

The Top Ten

1 English
2 German

Equilibrium sound great in German. German would be good for death metal, too. German harshness would be very useful for any metal subgenre that is heavier. - Metal_Treasure

3 Italian

Italian is good for almost all music genres so why not metal? I think it would be great for symphonic and power metal. Opera is mostly in Italian. - Metal_Treasure

4 Finnish

I know many songs in Finnish and I like them. I probably just got used to it. - Metal_Treasure

5 Danish

I think this language would be good for death metal as it has many deep, guttural sounds, so you already have a natural voice distortion. Besides, Danish also has harsh sounds because it's from the German language group. - Metal_Treasure

6 Norwegian

Norwegian is very melodic and high-pitched. Currently it's mostly used in black metal and folk metal songs.
Melodic language means that it sounds as if people sing a song when they speak.
What metal subgenre is melodic and high-pitched? Power metal.
I also think Judas Priest songs would sound good in Norwegian. - Metal_Treasure

7 Dutch

Dutch is a mix of English and German, and has guttural sounds. I think Dutch would be good for death metal. - Metal_Treasure

8 Turkish

It's a melodic language but unlike Norwegian, it’s not high-pitched. Heavy metal in Turkish sounds good to me. I think Turkish would be good for melodic death metal, too.
For example, I like this song: Mezarkabul (Pentagram) - Bu Alemi Gören Sensin - Metal_Treasure

9 Hungarian

To me it sounds similar to Finnish but I might be wrong. - Metal_Treasure

10 Korean

The Contenders

11 Romanian
12 Japanese
13 French
14 Chinese
15 Arabic
16 Spanish
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