Top 10 Languages to Learn About

This is only my opinion, it's up to you what will you choose.

The Top Ten

1 English

Learning English is so good to us cause English is the universal language of the world - hotdog_sandwich

2 French

It's a fascinating language for its history, culture and the french language has an influence in the all world. - lili117

French is not to easy to learn but its nice... - hotdog_sandwich

3 Tagalog

Tagalog is an interesting language from the Philippines its not hard to learn so many people having interest for that - hotdog_sandwich

4 Spanish

I like my Spanish class but only because my teacher is really nice - Ajkloth

5 Japanese
6 Chinese

Most of the people says that is too hard to learn but its also nice - hotdog_sandwich

7 Italian
8 Korean
9 Greek

The mother of every language.

10 Arabic

The Contenders

11 Finnish
12 Polish

A cool culture and a cool language.

13 Turkish

If you learn any Turkic Language (just pronounciation differences) you will be able to communicate with people from central Europe to middle of China (if you try hard maybe you can talk with Mongolian people)

14 Indonesian
15 Swedish

IT is a interesting country

16 German
17 Amharic
18 Romanian

Is very beautiful laguage :D Sound like serbian and albanian :D Romanian is 25 % slav and is very similar with abanian..

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