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1 Japanese

Japanese is very different from English. Since most schools only focus on Romance languages, which are similar, Japanese would be a way to show how languages can be very different. Japanese is also seen a lot in media, so it would be good to learn to understand it when it is in media. - Creepering

I think japanese should be taught in school so they can learn how to speak, write, read, and get to know about the Japanese culture I think that will be a great opportunity for the student to get know about Japanese and how say things in Japanese.

Very cool language. I could see people who watch lots of anime BEGGING for this to happen. - kaitlynrad11

I think Japanese should be in school so other people know how to say thing in japanese.

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2 American Sign Language (ASL)

I have never met a single deaf person in my life, and this already nearly useless language would be totally useless if you meet a deaf person outside the US, as they probably use a different sign language. - UncleDolan

My school offers this, unfortunately, a lot of kids take it as sort of a joke language when they don't want to take any other language. - keycha1n

This shouldn't' be Tough in School because Not Many people Are Deaf and Understand Sign language - Charlotte79

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3 German

German is a widely spoken language along with French and Spanish (which are the only languages taught at my school) and should be taught. - Myoosic

The language of science and math...

German is like an alien language -
Places- Stuttgart, Doorgstaat.
Names-Bastian Sweinsteiger, Arnold Schwarzenegger (I know he's Austrian but they speak German)
It is AWESOME. - jmepa1234

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4 Chinese

Easily one of the hardest languages to learn that I was luckily exposed to at a very early age. I can't imagine the work it takes to be fluent when you aren't given the environment I was. - keycha1n

Pretty fascinating language, and have some very interesting words. - kaitlynrad11

5 Arabic

When I did a project on Saudi Arabia, we put in a video of basic words. There was something about it that made it sound very interesting and cool. - kaitlynrad11

6 Russian

This language is very good. Pronunciation is much easier than English. Words sound how they look. No exceptions

This is a cool language. From pronunciation to writing...

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7 Greek

Greek would be a very interesting thing to learn, especially to Greek mythology fans. - kaitlynrad11

Greek language must be taught in every school especially ancient greek because the most words are greek.

I'm Greek and I'll tell you its really hard to learn - jmepa1234

8 Italian

It's not an international language, only spoken in Italy and based on dead latin.

Io parlo Italiano, and think it should be more prominent in schools. - PositronWildhawk

9 French

Official language in 29 countries, spoken in 57 countries; in 2050 French will be spoken by more than 1.1 billion people ( from U.N.). Today, It's the 4th linguistic space in the world behind English, Chinese, Hindi but before Spanish; Arabic and Portuguese.

It can be an intelectual enrichment and it's very useful in a lot of economic domains (culture, art, aeronautic, industry, agriculture, science/high tech, diplomacy...). French is spoken on every continent by a lot of people and it's the most influencial language after English. - lili117

10 Dutch

Dutch is historically seen such a wonderful country, love it!

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11 Irish

Dying languages in general should be taught in some schools.

12 Catalan

In Spain this is of Important - RedStinger15

13 Bahasa Indonesia
14 Latin

Latin originated much of western Europe's language vocabulary, and gives a good framework for learning the grammar of many other languages (conjugation and cases are both present). Three of the most widely spoken languages: Spanish, French and Portuguese derive from Latin directly, so knowing Latin would greatly assist in understanding some of what people say when they speak or write these. - airbb

I agree, it should be taught in school! Luckily, my school teaches it, but some kids parents think the language isn't "useful" or "needed in life"! But, it even help you learn the roots of the English language! - kaitlynrad11

I would've taken Latin in a heartbeat if I could have. It's still a very prominent language in the world of modern science. - higgsboson2142

Enya and latintutorial keeps it alive.

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15 Portuguese
16 Swahili
17 Tagalog
18 Proto-Indo-European
19 Swedish
20 English
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