Top 10 Languages That Should Be Taught In School


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21 Finnish
22 Bengali
23 Norwegian
24 Scottish Gaelic
25 Hindi

Hindi is best language

26 Urdu

Great language love it!

27 Tamil
28 Icelandic
29 Korean

Cool language and South Korea has a rising importance in technology and media. Shout out to K-pop and K-drama fans!

We have a lot of trade with South Korea, e.g, Hyundai, LG, Samsung, and it would be useful to learn the language. Korea’s writing system, Hangul, Iis very basic, and easy to learn, and could be learnt in 1 & 1/2 hours, as it only as 24 letters. This gives the student more time to speak the language fluently. As Korea offers so much interesting culture, I believe it should be put into mainstream schooling. - jmoss

30 Spanish

This may not apply to other countries but in the United States, we have a large Spanish Speaking population. Instead of forcing them to learn English, we should also learn to communicate with them in Spanish.

31 Ancient Greek
32 Czech

So they can learn how to do the ř.

33 Esperanto

Sure hardly anyone speaks it, but Esperanto is a very interesting language. It's probably the easiest language ever, with no verb conjugations or noun genders. Also, cognate vocabulary with other languages is very common, with it having similarities to Spanish, French, and even English. Also, it's been proven that learning Esperanto makes it easier to learn a third language. You can't beat that!

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