Top Ten Worst Non-Cuss Words

Some words can be really offensive even if they aren’t profanity.
The Top Ten
1 Retard

I am autistic. I would just shrug this off if someone called me this, but others might not. Nowadays this word is considered a slur.

I honestly can't believe that this word isn't censored on TheTopTens. Calling someone that is just awful.

It's offensive to people who have autism, Down syndrome, or if they're actually mentally retarded.

It gets censored on the YouTube subtitles and Twitter suspends users for saying it.

2 Gay

If homosexuals didn't start using it to describe their sexual orientation, this word wouldn't be used as profanity. It's not the first word to have been stolen from it's original meaning. Nobody ever uses it to talk about happiness these days.

This word is supposed to mean either happy or homosexual and haters use it to bash things.

I hate it when people use it as an insult, since there's nothing wrong with being gay.

3 Autistic

It is bad to make fun of it.

4 Cancer

A disease that became an adjective that means "bad".

5 Nazi

A word most commonly used by liberals to insult and poke fun at the so called "alt right" people that don't follow their ideals blindly. It's really ridiculous that they use this word against anyone who disagrees with them.

Also a derogatory word for Germans (modern Germans to be exact)

6 Hate
7 Fat

It's true that making fun of someone because of their weight is not a good thing, but people with obesity shouldn't hide behind those ridiculous "fat shaming" movements. Obesity is very serious and takes a lot of people's lives too soon. Yet some of them don't take their health seriously and they don't try to get in better shape.

A terrible thing to call someone. Especially if they are a girl.

8 Loser

It's really mean to call someone a loser.

9 Die

People shouldn't wish death on each other, no matter how bad the other person is.

10 Cringe

The way some people use it is dumb.

This is overused.

The Contenders
11 Slut

This is actually derogatory towards girls to imply that they only live for sexual pleasure. It's disgusting that people will just throw this word at others.

12 Midget
13 Metal
14 Fatty
15 Crap
16 Mate

I made a list about why this word is annoying.

17 Suicide
18 Diggy
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