Top Ten L'Arc-en-Ciel Songs (Laruku Only)

Only Laruku's songs, not HYDE's, TETSU69's, KEN's, ACID ANDROID's, SOAP's, etc. Which one is the best for you?

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1 Hitomi no Juunin

I love this song. I sad when I'm heard this song

I love almost all of their songs, they're my favorite band, but this sing is a masterpiece. The high notes are excellent!

Nice.. Really really really nice song

Is the best... I'm from Peru.

2 Jojoushi
3 Ready Steady Go! Ready Steady Go!

Ready, steady, go! This powerful song is really makes my spirit up. - iffalien

4 My Heart Draws a Dream

one of the best song from album KISS that is being released in 2007. the promotional video suits the song. - ronluna

best recent rock ballad of em - ronluna

This song makes me strong for live.

This is the first L'arc~en~Ciel's song I heard. It just rocks my soul whenever I listen to this, brings me inspirations and motivations to live the life.

5 Pieces

Love the melody of the song

One of the most beautiful songs of l'arc~en~ciel with a great storyline in the promotional video - ronluna


6 White Feathers

I've fallen in love with this song after yikihiro played... he was the one that put the final touch on L'Anniversary performance of this song that made me love it forever

One of the several progressive rock song from l arc en ciel. It's the longest song from the band.

it's wonderful and greatest song laruku have

7 Heaven's Drive

Best baseline amongst all l'arc en ciel songs

8 Jiyuu no Shoutai

Best song ever

This's the laruku's song I've heard,... And I'm in love with them

This is the first song of L'Arc~en~Ciel I've heard. And I became a fan of Laruku right after I heard this song on T.V.. Thank you, because of this song, now I know and I can listening to the best band on earth every single day. - iffalien

9 Seventh Heaven
10 The 4th Avenue Cafe

Touches my heart each time I hear it.. The lyrics is beautiful too.. Thanks Laruku for such a beautiful song

Awesome. Never bored listening this song since more than 10 years ago. I think has the same colour as Metropolis.

I sing every time play this song

This song is just amazing.

The Contenders

11 Niji

I have many favorite songs from them but I guess it's a tie between Niji and the 4th Avenue Cafe. In the end, I chose Niji because of it's meaning. It was the first song they released after Sakura left and a symbol of their rebirth. Besides, the lyrics are beatiful and I really like the beginning because it starts soft and them BAM! A guitar riff (or however it is called).

12 Alone en la Vida

The composition and interpretation of this song is so rich, you don't need to know any Japanese to know what this song is about

I hear this song and it always makes me cry... such a powerful emotion

This song is beautiful, nothing more to say - Joicerojo

one of the best songs in album kiss - ronluna

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13 Stay Away

Love its edgy solo guitar!

14 Sunadokei
15 Daybreak's Bell

Are you kidding me? This song is powerfully amazing. I have no words to describe it. The best song of L'Arc-en-Ciel by far.

best song ever! hyde's voice is INCREDIBLE and the melody is amazing! every laruku's song is awesome and I can't truly choose one but daybreak's bell really gives me goosebumps... ohhh man, I want to vote for every song! they are ALL JUST PERFECT! LARUKU IS THE BEST!... TRISH

16 Spirit Dreams Inside

The lyrics, their performance - it's transcendent!

17 Drink It Down
18 Finale

No words to explain... When I listen to this song the hair on my skin raises and I feel I like I'm in a dream world. How odd?

this song give me goosebumps
- ronluna

19 Driver's High

This Song Keep Spirit For Drive, Incredible Song

20 Anata

This song is very good and easy listening.. The lyrics are very interesting and the meaning of songs is adorable.. Melodies of this song is on of the best of Laruku's songs..

21 Blurry Eyes
22 Anemone
23 Vivid Colors
24 Forbidden Lover

This song defines L'Arc~en~Ciel. With it's power and sorrow, it's beautiful.

25 Promise Land
26 Flower
27 Link
28 Honey
29 Kasou
30 Lost Heaven

The way the song is interpret is just perfect

31 Dive to Blue
32 And She Said
33 My Dear

I can't agree more. This song should definitely be higher in this ranking with "Forbidden Lover"

This song is so deep and musically beautiful (to not say genial, as a good part of Laruku's songs)!

This should be number 2 or 3

34 Perfect Blue

No other words to say..., Laruku is awesome, great, and absoluttely amazing to creat such this beautyfull song. I guaranteed, you'll love this song... (if you hear it. But, if you don't! That will be your biggest mistake)

35 All Dead
36 Hurry Xmas

It's a very touching, nice song right for the specific time of the year. I've been playing this song every year during December since it released. A perfect song before Christmas!

37 Love Flies
38 Trust
39 As If In a Dream
40 Ibara no Namida

This song is incredibly good

41 Route 666
42 Yokan

Yokan is one of my favorite Laruku songs. It showcases all of the members of the band in a light that they previously were not viewed in. The song is out of the mold that the group had peviously been in.

43 Garasu Dama
44 Bless
45 Kaze ni Kienaide
46 Neo Universe
47 Natsu no Yuuutsu [time to say good-bye]

one of the best songs of the band. the pv is great as well - ronluna

48 As One
49 Dune
50 The Ghost In My Room
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