Top Ten L'Arc-en-Ciel Songs (Laruku Only)


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61 Trick
62 Yasouka
63 Floods of Tears
64 Shi no Hai
65 Get Out From the Shell
66 Nemuri ni Yosete
67 Umibe
68 Seppun
69 New World
70 Fate
71 Feeling Fine
72 Shine
73 Coming Closer

The most progressive rock song from l arc en ciel

74 Dearest Love

This is The best song ever made by Tetsuya, and one of the best song from l arc en ciel song for me. Too bad that this song not in the top tens. It should be stand alongside White Feathers. Great and dramatic Hyde's vocal, amazing guitar melody and riff from Ken, and simple but great drumming from Sakura.

75 Good Luck My Way

After over 5 years I quit listening to them, this song make me fall in love for the 2nd time, vary good pattern in intro and interlude!

76 Lies and Truth
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