Largest Religions In the World


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The Top Ten

1 Christianity - 2.1 Billion

There are true Christians, and there are false ones. True Christians heed the teachings of the Bible. True Christians believe that there is only One True God, and that is the Father in heaven.

I'm Muslim but I think Christianity is a really good and faithful religion, and the most important of all is that it's peaceful and fine like Islam. - AbdRahmanSalah

Unfortunately not all the people that claim that they are Christian are really Christian but the real christians are faithful and pious. - Epekov

heck yeah

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2 Islam - 1.5 Billion

Yes, islam is one of the most important religions in the whole world, and it's as faithful ad Christianity...PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM!

Its good that we came the second place at least and we are getting larger and larger

Islam is the largest religion in the world because their are so many Islamic countries where 100% Muslims are there and in almost all the countries Muslim are there..

Yes islam proud to be an terrorist and be a moslim

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3 Hinduism - 900 Million

Hinduism is the most beautiful and Logical religion. Hinduism is also a diverse religion. Its simple! It's the people who make it complicated because they want to promote themselves rather then God.

Dis cow worshipping is common? 900 million? Yeah we all believe cows are angels...

Proud to be a Hindu

Yeah some logical religion where cows are sacred. It's been changed a lot of times and was completed BY INDO EuropeANS who just came and tricked the Indians into thinking their religion is right. The only reason it's number 3 is because it's the most famous religion in India and I dia is the second largest population.

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4 Buddhism - 376 Million

The one with no fake things in it... It's the way to live life better and not to worship someone

Most of idealogies are Hindu
They are not in top three because of percecution and lower birth rates

5 Sikhism - 23 Million

Best religion with best ideology

The best religion ever. Laid bakc

6 Juche - 19 Million

This is a political ideology. Not a religion.

It's basically a religion at this point, people are so devoted to worshipping their Great Leaders that they sacrifice themselves to save their portraits (seriously) - KimJongFun

Juche is partly a political ideology designed to justify a dictatorial government, but it does involve a more or less religious worship of Kim Il Sung's dynasty.

You should replace 'Juche' with Vodou. Vodou has 60 million adherents.

7 Judaism - 14 Million

We're few. But we control.

8 Bahaism - 7 Million
9 Jainism - 4.2 Million

IT IS ALMOST SAME AS TO OF Hinduism - aditua

They are extremely peace loving Hindus only

10 Shintoism - 4 Million