Top Ten Last Things You Would Say If TheTopTens Ended Today

Was going to add this as a question on "Questions To Ask Users of TheTopTens" but I thought I'd make my question into another list.
So...if TheTopTens decided to pull the plug and you had one last thing to say about anything, what would it be? Feel free to add.

The Top Ten

1 "I've only just found this site and it's going?!"

Please don't leave TTT - Adventurur2

2 "Thank you!"

I love this site

3 "I finally get to admit I love Justin Bieber!"

Britgirl shut up.

I wonder if this comment would be added anonymously. - Britgirl

4 "Can I get back to my life now?"

But this site became a part of my life. - Userguy44

5 "I've made some great friends on here."

This something I would say. But I'm going to miss you then Tina! - Userguy44

6 "Stay!"

Lets be bossy! - Userguy44

7 "This is my very last comment!"
8 "This item should be higher."

I don't get it. - Userguy44

9 "Goodbye!"
10 "You could have made this list as: 'Top Ten Song Titles That would Make a Fitting Last Comment to TheTopTens"'

The Newcomers

? "Well, at Least I Don't Have to Deal with Eminem and Dimash Fanboys Spamming Them to Number 1 on Every List."

The Contenders

11 "Hurry, tell me who won"
12 "Damn.... Just When I Was Starting to like this site too."
13 "That. Was. Weird."
14 "Friends, nomads, neurotics, lend me your ears..."

"I come to harry dullards, and to braise them:).

15 "Well...that was a experience!"
16 "Well...that was an experience!"
17 "My number is area co..."
18 "Have I got time to say...I know...I wanted to tell you that...Ah forget it. I'll vote this item instead."
19 "Bring back MoldySock!"
20 "Keep smiling"
21 "Good Riddance!"

Good riddance you annoying pricks! - SoldierOfFortune

22 "Sayonara!"
23 “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”
24 "It wasn't my fault!"

I can see someone doing this... - Gg2000

25 "The Show Must Go On!"
26 "Ciao Adios!"
27 "Yay"
28 "Hasta la Vista Baby"
29 "Bye Bye Metal Fanboys Glad to Never See You Again."
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