Best Last Words to a Loved One Before You Die


The Top Ten

1 I'll be in your heart

That Is Just Adorable, Even For Me. - DapperPickle

Thanks I heard this one from my Poppy who died when I was 4 and in his last words (which I wasn't around for) were I'll be in your Heart and that was to everyone. - Drewstar

2 I love you

Should be number one. - TheMainReason

3 We'll meet again
4 Always keep smiling
5 I did it my way
6 Goodbye and thank you
7 I'm sailing away
8 Thank you
9 See you on the other side

I would cry but be reassured that I'll see them again - Swiftdawn

10 I'm leaving on a jet plane

The Contenders

11 See you in the stars
12 Goodbyes are not forever
13 Life with you was the adventure

Wow that is a good one. - Drewstar

14 Go to Hell
15 Well... thanks a lot.
16 I promise I'll always be here waiting for you

My love - Swiftdawn

17 The hardest part of this is leaving you
18 I'm not leaving, I'm just taking a vacation in the sky
19 I'll never leave you.
20 I still love you

In Freddie Mercury’s words. - Userguy44

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