Top Ten Late Night Thoughts

I went around asking friends about this subject. There were many similar answers, though this activity led to an existential crisis for most of us.

The Top Ten

1 What if this is all a dream and I am actually in a coma?

This is so mee!

2 We are just a small speck in the universe

This list-maker and others proffer the depressive, nihilistic undercurrent that has plagued the spoiled children of the West since the Beatnik days, and which manifested itself again with the Goth subculture, and really blossomed into an adolescent plague with the metal and grunge culture."We aren't special." If you think that all of creation magically winked its way from nothing into being; if you believe it unremarkable that one species, light-years beyond all others, has risen to control, for good or ill, its own destiny; if you believe "we're simply molecules" that randomly came together and just happened to be a quantum leap past all other coexisting life forms and also just happened to thrive on the planet where they just happened to appear; if you buy into such extraordinary "coincidence"; in short, if you believe there is no higher authority than yourself and no greater understanding than your own, then yes, nothing you do will ever really matter.

3 How would people react to my death?

In another post, you say "I love my parents." Obviously, you find they have real value to you, well beyond mere survival. They surely didn't earn that love without showing you how valuable you are to them. Would your family "mourn for days? " Yes---likely all the rest of their days. You are fixated on your end, when I'm thinking you're far closer to your beginning. Live and enjoy your life, and don't be so sure that this existence is all there is. We are much, much more than "dust in the wind."

4 One day, all of my accomplishments and everything I worked for will not be recognized
5 In a split second your whole life could change
6 It's the end of the day, and I've accomplished nothing

We never accomplish anything major everyday of our lives but we accomplish little things all the time; it's just that the tiniest of things are overlooked. - Britgirl

7 The violence I could inflict and damage I could do if I really wanted to

There is an important consideration, here. Is this a thought in which you take pleasure? Or is it a nightmare scenario you fear would be beyond your control?

8 One day my parents will be gone. It could be tomorrow for all I know

Every single day this is on my mind. I don't want to lose them ever. - Britgirl

WhenFangirlsAttack, really sorry to hear that. I will pray for them. I hope they are ok - TwilightKitsune

9 If we can't see air can fish see water?
10 Does anyone actually care about me?

Just remember to count your blessings - TwilightKitsune

The Contenders

11 What if I wind up being the bad guy one day?
12 If you clean a vacuum cleaner, doesn't that make you the vacuum cleaner?
13 If a can opener can't open a can, does that mean it's a "can't opener"?
14 How long does it take for a giraffe to throw up?
15 We have all murdered so many mosquitoes.
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