Most Laughable CGI Moments in Movies

CGI can be a good thing, and a bad thing. Here are the absolutely terribly bad CGI moments in movies.

The Top Ten

1 The Scorpion - The Mummy Returns

Oh. My. God. This is so bad. First of all, the rock looks like a PlayStation 2 game. And second of all, it looks poorly animated. Seriously, it’s terrible. The face expressions are laughably bad, the model looks like a PlayStation 2 game, and everything. This shouldn't even be in a movie. Whoever did this doesn't know how to make CGI. - RadioHead03

2 Catwoman - Catwoman

That one scene where she's running on all fours along the walls of a bank while two dudes are shooting at her. Just...WHY?

Some of you people are asking yourself, wait Catwoman had a movie? She did, and it was horrible. The worst part about the movie is the CGI. The action scenes, Catwoman’s movements, and that god awful basketball scene. Yeah your probably glad you didn't know Catwoman had a movie. - RadioHead03

3 The baby - Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

This is what happens when your to cheap to hire a real kid, and try to make a CGI one. The results: a horribly laughable face with giant eyes, a large nose, and lips that would make Kylie Gender proud. - RadioHead03

4 Wolverines Claws - X Men Origins: Wolverine

Words can't describe how bad this CGI moment is. The claws look horribly placed on Wolverine’s knuckles. They also look like someone photoshopped them on there. This CGI moment is absolutely unbearable, and to top it all off, the movie sucks. - RadioHead03

5 The Car Crash Scene - Along Came a Spider

I have not seen this movie, but judging that the CGI designers were terrible at their job, it seams like I won't see this movie anytime soon. So there is this scene where the car fly’s off some kind of bridge, and it’s done poorly and terriblely. What a cheap movie. - RadioHead03

6 Brontosaurus Stampede - King Kong (2005)

King Kong (2005) is a pretty good movie. But it seems like the team behind the CGI couldn't do the dinosaurs well. In this scene the team are being chased by dinosaurs. And then one of the teammates gets trapped by the stampede. So one of our bravest teammates runs to save him. Yeah if your running scene is gonna make you look like 6ix9ine, than you suck at your job. - RadioHead03

7 Jabba The Hutt - Star Wars Epidode IV: A New Hope Special Edition

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Star Wars, we get a horribly placed CGI Jabba in the movie, nice! - RadioHead03

8 The Troll - Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

An epic battle when Harry Potter fights off a horribly CGI troll. But the best part is, when Harry Potter gets on the troll, the troll tries to shakes Harry off, and then Harry transforms into a blob, fighting off the PlayStation 2 villain. Wow! - RadioHead03

I can't believe this actually happened! - Pokemonfan10

9 Garfield - Garfield The Movie

Garfield looks horrible. This movie sucks. That’s all I gotta say. - RadioHead03

Meh. Not THAT bad. - Pokemonfan10

10 Dancing Dogs - Marmaduke

This movie will forever be in my nightmares. As for that dance scene, ugh. It looks like their summoning the devil. - RadioHead03

The Contenders

11 The Genie - Aladdin (2019)

Will Smith is a smurf. - RadioHead03

12 Thanos’ Live-Action Redesign - Avengers: Infinity War

How dare you disrespect Thanos. - RadioHead03

13 The Robort - Mighty Morphin Powers Rangers: The Movie
14 Superman's Lip - Justice League
15 When the Cat Breathes Onto Catwoman - Catwoman
16 The Bulk - The Amazing Bulk
17 The Snakes - Snakes on a Plane
18 The Cgi Blood - Blade
19 Disintegration Scene - Avengers: Infinity War
20 The Characters' Virtual Avatars - Ready Player One
21 The Cat - Ratatoing
22 Snake Travels to L.A. - Escape from L.A.

Great movie, but this scene's CGI is so bad e.g. The submarine Snake Plissken uses looks fake and the backgrounds look like a Nintendo 64 game - ToddHoward

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