Top Ten Most Lawless Places On the Earth In 2016

I will be ranking the Worlds most Criminal and Lawless Regions Across the Globe using both Subjective and Objective and Factual statements usually obstructed by the Countries Corruption.

Reasons Cities Like Mosul,Ramadi and, Maheen did not make the list is that varying Rebels and Terrorist Forces Like ISIL enforce a strict set of laws based on a corrupted Sharia Law but laws are still strictly enforced.
And not including Humorously absent Lawless places like International Water of Antarctica or the District of "Zomia" Since even though governed by Individual Anarchy its a Section of several countries.

The Top Ten

Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo, Syria is the epitome of the Currently worlds most bloody conflict who has been taken, regained and destroyed by both Syrian Forces, uncountable amount of Rebels, and famous terrorist groups ISIL and Jabhat- Al Nusra who has completely abolished the infrastructure and as forces fight and loose territories neither Government or Rebel or terrorist groups could officially put down laws in the region, leaving it a cesspool of Gun trade, Kidnappings, Murder and, Personal interest

Aleppo Syria is currently the Earth Deadliest City in the Worlds Current Deadliest Country.

District Of Sangin-Kandahar, Afghanistan

Sangin is The most lawless and violent place in Afghanistan with a population of 14,00 and a estimated murder rate of 4,500 per capita and over 500 US British soldiers battling drug cartels and Warlords along with the Taliban this conflicted area is extremely Lawless with disabled government of Rebel force fighting over drug disputes is even I'm hands of Civilian villagers who are known to Kill soldiers and others when bothered by them or others, uncountable Militias fight for the Area west of Kandahar and murder hundreds,

Afghanistan Being the World's 2nd Most Corrupt Country on the World, Cultivating and originating 96% of the Worlds Heroin as well as the highest rate of Addiction on the Earth, Beating Out Somalia, Sudan and, Iraq for least peaceful nation by the World Peace Index and as troops withdraw and "end in sight" nears Sangin has a heroin abuse rate of around 1-6 of The Cities population and 1-8 in near Kandahar, Sangin has a unreported murder rate Amazingly higher than 2014's most dangerous city on Earth San Pedro Sula. The Tribal area near both Lashkar Gah and Kandahar has been extremely affected by Afghanistan History of 44 Constant Years of Extreme conflict including 2 Revolutions, 4 Civil Wars a Full scale Russian invasion and a Merciless Terrorist Government control and this is before USA's longest war in Afghanistan and has caused one of the highest death rates in US history of soldiers in a Region with 54,000 where soldiers murder by Drug Cartels, terrorist Groups and large ...more

Waziristan, Pakistan

Very close to Afghanistan. It's a shame Afghanistan never cooperates with Pakistan in sealing the border. Terrorism started in Afghanistan and needs to stay there too.

Waziristan, Pakistan is also known as "Tribal Areas" where a current civil war in Pakistan is taking place where local Warlords/Militias and, terrorist entities, Military Offenses, Air-strikes and, Terrorist attacks are daily occurrence and no Governing force has held an area long enough to set rules. This Autonomous region has Combatants from the Afghan Drug Trade, Taliban, Lashkar-E-Taiba,Tehrik-i-Taliban, Local Militias, Al-Qaeda and, ISIL who all fight for influence but leave Anarchy and Destruction in the wake.

Bankstown are a grubby cricket club

Waziristan is definitely the most lawless place in the world and anything goes and also there is an active war going on there right as we speak

Cuidad Juarez-Juarez Valley

Cuidad Juarez and Juarez Valley had recently as 2014 held the title of Most Dangerous city out of a Active War zones and for well cause. This Border Town 9 miles from El Paso has been titled most dangerous city in Mexico and Earth as Oblivious police force either works or fears cartels in the area who are currently in the area, Juarez Valley a small stretch of Rural land has a population under 80,000 and has 727 Missing persons cases from 2010-2014 mostly women and with hundreds of unsolved and un-reported homicides law is a foreign concept in this region of Mexico.

Mogadishu, Somalia

Ever since the Border conflicts with Ethiopia and Kenya Somalia's taste for violence increased when Warlords and extremist began evolving out of Somalia's relative lawlessness and extreme poverty and created enough traction to explode in one of Northern Africa's worst Civil wars in 1992 and is still raging on today with multiple warlords, Rebels and AL-Qaeda Affiliates who tor the country apart and officially dismantling any effective governing force and relinquishing laws within rebel held or non-held areas.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

San Pedro Sula in of 2015 the most dangerous city in Central America and stretch of Countries from Mexico to Panama, this Semi-Continent is also home to the Highest Murder rates beating areas in Africa such as:South Africa, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leonne and, others and with the highest murder rate in this region 158.8 beating Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. With a population of 719,447 and nearly 2,000 murders the area, along with one of the highest police corruption and death indexes law and order is hard to achieve under the Guise of 2 of North Americas largest gangs who are fighting and murdering all in sight,

Korengal Valley, Afghanistan

Korenagal Valley is a stretch of land in North Western Afghanistan that bound and trapped between many mountainous ranges and surrounded by smaller cities and villages that has being the burial spots for Hundreds of Coalition soldiers and hundreds more Afghan Forces and Civilians. Korengal is in close proximity with Pakistan "Tribal Areas"(Waziristan) and has been fought for since the beginning of the War and has a completely dismantled governing system as Warlords/Druglords and Local Militias as well as Taliban forces combat the Coalition Forces from high perches where a almost unknown amount of hostile are who are known to use sniper rifles and fire rockets and move opium and guns through and to Pakistan.

Detroit, U.S.A. Detroit is the largest and most populous city in the U.S. state of Michigan. Located across from Windsor, Ontario, Canada on the Detroit River, Detroit had an estimated population of 672,662 in 2018.
Cali, Colombia

Cali, Colombia's Corruption and Lawlessness index has beat-out very conflicted places in both Africa and Central America and has the lowest index of security in South America and is still US's main Origin importer of cocaine who in the demise of the Medellin Cartel left a very large power Vacuum and creates a utter ungoverned and un-policed Slums and Regions where policing or military power fall to Drug Trafficking and gangs.

Khordofan-Darfur, Sudan

Khordofan and Darfur both where the epicentre of Sudan's violent 3rd civil war where government Forces, Rebel groups and, Terrorist still battle for dominance in the area but are unable to establish a outline and well governed area but as the war begins to heat less some groups have effectively taken an governed areas in the Darfur-Khordofan area's.

The Contenders

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)

Human rights abuses in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, a disputed territory illegally occupied by Pakistan, are an ongoing issue, ranging from forced disappearances, torture to political repression and electoral frau and suppression of freedom of speech. According to the human rights commission of Pakistan the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency carries out extensive surveillance operations on the press and pro independence groups, they have carried out arbitrary arrests in which people have been tortured and several have died.

Pakistani army created terrorist in pok

The law and order is a far cry.

North Sentinel Island

Tsoo lawless, folks arr running&screaming wild! wild! all day/everyday!

Marseille, France

It's hard to believe a city in the Heart of Europe would make it this list against cities in Middle-East, Central America, Asia and, Africa but their violent and lawless nature is apparent in Europe most violent city. Marseille with a population just over 850,000 has a head policing force saying any where between 4,500-15,000 Kalashnikovs (AK-47) on the street as of 2009 that usually based on Gang governed Slums and housing projects or Cites(Ce-Ta-Y) a French Word for Ghetto/Slum, around the city that has been known to Assault and attack police tell they leave the area including dropping washing machines and Firing weapons, people are usually stalked and kidnapped in these areas as Gangs Mainly from: Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, Palestine mainly originating from the Middle-East, Central Asia and, Northern Africa and are from countries named earlier Marseille seen a dramatic raise in Guns in the city following the Arab Spring including the ...more

When you import the people from the rest of the list this is the result

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Malmö, Sweden

It sucks big time.

Slab City, California
Los Angeles, CA

Poppies of US and UK please get out of here if your'e muslim.

Syria Syria, officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is a country in Western Asia. Syria has been involved in a civil war since 2011.
Karaj, Iran
Ankara, Turkey

They got no laws the citizens are always fighting each other.

Baghdad, Iraq
Sana'a, Yemen
Quezon City, Philippines

Disgusting place, so dangerous that I was even scared to walk on the streets. Do not come or you could be scammed or robbed.

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