Top Ten Laws You Probably Have Broken

The Top Ten Laws You Probably Have Broken

1 Visible erection in public
2 Owning a permanent marker

This is illegal? - Misfire

Simply owning a permanent marker is not illegal, but doing stuff like graffiti with it is illegal.

3 Using a fake name online

I do that sometimes, but my school told me to use a fake name. - Luckys

I shortened my own name... does that count? - Misfire

That actually depends on the scenario, actually. As long as you're not using it to profit or commit fraud, you should be fine!

This is "identity fraud"

4 Pumping your own gas

Only in a couple states - OneWayStreet

5 Sodomy
6 Cursing in public
7 Adultery
8 Farting in public

This should be replaced with plagiarism, five year olds.

9 Singing "happy birthday" in public

What about in a restaurant? - Misfire

10 Using unauthorized wifi

If I can actually get past the wifi password - Mcgillacuddy

The Contenders

11 Robbing stores
12 Downloading free music
13 Eating fried chicken with a fork
14 Eating a banana with the peel on it
15 Godwin’s Law

Not a law per se, but more so an online given rule.

Godwin’s Law refers to how when a debate gets longer, the likelihood of referring to Hitler or the Nazis nears certainty. - ReturnOfScorpio

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