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1 Standing In the Dark

The most catchy songs with great deep Lyrics. The melodious voice of Andy Brown is so awesome to listen to. Lawson are underrated though they are better than 1D!

This is one of their earliest songs, very catchy, great lyrics, and very reatable

Can't help but love his voice

Nice song I love you lawson

2 Juliet

Juliet has a different feel as compared to their other songs. It is amazing, no doubt, but it took me sometime to actually fall in love with this song. The theme while not so uncommon, has been written in a unique way that gives the song an edge. The music is interesting and original & the song on the whole gives a sense of classic style. MUST LISTEN!

Absolutely rocking song...MUST LISTEN!

3 Where My Love Goes Where My Love Goes Cover Art

First song I heard of this band and fell in love with song in the very first time...

I heard and it...just reasonated with me so much I became a this song

Makes me feel good

4 Brokenhearted

Their first collab song ever. The guitar is great & it's got such a fantastic tune, you can't help but sing along! The song has a slightly smug, revengeful edge and B.O. B's rap adds a freshness to it. All in all, one of their songs, can't stop listening to it

5 Learn to Love Again Learn to Love Again Cover Art

11! This is MADNESS! It needs to be in the top 5 for sure! This song will absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY, watch it with the video. It's got a wonderful original tune, & the beats fill me up with this lively energy that won't wear of for a while :D

6 When She Was Mine

Best song all the time

A beautiful song! Andy's voice is filled with genuine feeling that affects you :') The tune is catchy, and the song has a peppy melody despite it being a regretful song. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS SONG YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

7 Taking Over Me

Another one of Lawson's rocking creations! It has the ability to leave you smiling at the lyrics and humming the tune without evn noticing ^_^ It's a delightful love song, giving you his point of view about 'her' without being a hopelessly poetic. GREAT SONG, ONE OF THE CUTEST LOVE SONGS.

This song should number 1

8 Roads Roads Cover Art

My #1 favorite song

9 Love Locked Out
10 Parachute
The Contenders
11 Money Money Cover Art
12 Are You Ready
13 You'll Never Know You'll Never Know Cover Art
14 Gone
15 The Girl I Knew

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS WASN'T EVEN ON THE LIST! This song is filled with emotion and you can hear it right from the first word. The soft music is soothing, and the lyrics will reach out and touch your heart. :3
The song is based on Andy's actual experience with his ex-girlfriend & you can hear the sadness in his voice. He had to re-do the song several times because he couldn't get to the end without tearing up. What's not to like about this song? Its got an emotional story behind it, beautiful music, heart-wrenching lyrics, a lovely melody, and a soulful voice.

16 Under the Sun Under the Sun Cover Art
17 You Didn't Tell Me
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