Best Lawyer Movies

Lawyer movie isn't really a specific genre of movie. The main theme of the movie is portrayed by lawyers.

Some of the greatest movies about lawyer.

The Top Ten

1 Primal Fear

This movie is about an accused man who has ****** (kinda spoiler). the lawyer has to defend the accused man. I liked how he tries to defend the man. but it isn't just that. in the end it turned something else. the whole movie's story is very very mysterious. I liked the lawyer's skills. that's why on top. I can't think of any better lawyer movie than this. - zxm

2 To Kill a Mockingbird

A true timeless American classic about justice and racism. - ParasN2000

It's about defending a black man from a case of raping. though it was just a simple case. but the actual story gets deeper and deeper. and links with another case and solves another mystery. - zxm

3 The Lincoln Lawyer

This movie is also about a lawyer. the lawyer has to defend a man. the man could be guilty or not. but he is wealthy that's why the lawyer gets a lot of money from him. then suddenly he tries to find the truth. and in the end, it turned greatly, the story. - zxm

4 The Rainmaker

It's about a young lawyer who has just started his career. On his way with friend of him he tries to take down a fraud insurance company and saves a woman's life who is abused by her husband. - zxm

5 Bridge of Spies
6 Fracture
7 The Devil's Advocate
8 A Few Good Men
9 Michael Clayton
10 The Verdict

The Contenders

11 I Am Sam

Not totally about lawyer. but the lawyer plays an important role in the movie. - zxm

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