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1 Sour Cream & Onion

Love! I'm a total Sour Cream and Onion ADDICT! But, if your stuck with plain old classic, you could just add sour cream and onion dip! I fully recommend a delicious bag of Lays Sour Cream and Onion every once and a while! - maggpie3476

I'm a addict of sour cream and onion the best - kylebuschfan18


These be lit

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2 Salt & Vinegar

Salt and vinegar chips are like ambrosia for mere mortals like us

Salt & Vinegar is the best chips because when you get that zingy taste of the salt and vinegar together it so delicious.

Salt and vinegar chips are as addictive as any other potato chip but you can savor them.

In my opinion, Clanceys chips are cheaper, and are a lot more flavorful than Lays chips. - Transformers234

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3 Barbecue

They are yummy. just enough sweetness. beg parents for them and lovem. I'm lovin it

4 Pickle

This is pure delicious, I could eat this for hours, you can't get sick of it. It should be number 1, in fact I'm eating two full bags from quiktrip right now

5 Classic Potato

The taste of this flavor makes your taste buds go nuts - DogeFan132

Yes always been my favorite.

6 Cheddar & Sour Cream

I think this flavor is darn good! - rainbowdashrules

Best chip to ever enter the earth

Nothing is better than it!

It is great and delicous

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7 Smoky Bacon


8 Katchup
9 Magic Masala

Best - 0744rose

Yummm! tastiest flavor available in INDIA better than mexican salsa

10 Baked! Classic Potato

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11 Chile Limon
12 Roast Chicken
13 Garlic Bread
14 Bacon/Cinnamon Toast Crunch

The combo of bacon/cinnamon is a salty sweet that is great anytime of the day. I would have this chip with coffee morning or afternoon.

As a child I always liked bacon with my homemade cinnamon toast. This chip would be would be delicious with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk, Yum, yum.

Smoky sweet sounds delicious for breakfast or brunch with a good cup of coffee. At work or at play.Your boss will not know you are having breakfast at your desk.

15 Aged Cheddar & Black Pepper
16 Kettle Baked Jalapeno
17 Dill Pickle
18 Beef and Onion Gravy Flavor

I think this chip flavor would be delicious any time of the day. A meal in a bag. Potatoes chips with beef and onion gravy. I submitted this flavor March 3, 2017 for Lay's Pitch us a Flavor Contest for the year 2017. Check Lay's website on or after July 24,2017 for info on how to vote. Please vote for my flavor. Only one vote per day per website. Thank you Kathy Beverly Fillingim.

I would eat this Lay's Chip Flavor with a Tall glass of sweet ice tea!

19 Honey BBQ

Shut up, these are by far the best

Oh come on this is the best - ToperTen

20 Mac and Cheese

This should be higher up - zeroclubsboii

21 Gravy and Biscuits
22 Zesty Lemon and Salt

The addition of lemon too the already perfectly salted Lay's Chip will give your tastebuds just the right tartness too pucker-up for more.

23 Flamin Hot
24 American Style Cream & Onion
25 Chicken & Waffles
26 Truffle Fries
27 Bacon & Cheese
28 Fried Green Tomato
29 Crispy Taco
30 Everything Bagel
31 Lightly Salted
32 Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger

These are so good the amount of flavor is INSANE - thatguy32

33 Wavy Ranch

So good!

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