Top 10 Lazy Ideas from Video Game Developers that Turned Out to Be Amazing Games

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Let's take Zelda and turn it into a shameless Skyrim and Witcher 3 clone - Breath Of The Wild
Let's take Mario and make it more of a running game as opposed to a jumping game - Sonic The Hedgehog
Let's take Mario, Devil May Cry and Panel De Pon, throw them together into a blender and see what sticks - Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
Let's take Super Mario 64 and add a squirt gun into it - Super Mario Sunshine
Let's blatantly rip off Mario but also add a few 3D Sonic elements into it - Crash Bandicoot
Let's outright steal the Joker straight from Batman and make him the main antagonist of our game - Final Fantasy VI
Since we're not doing anything with F-Zero, let's "borrow" the anti-gravity gimmick from X and GX - Mario Kart 8
Let's take Parappa The Rapper and make it about a crazy, sexy, redheaded stoner guitarist girl with a severe case of shy/badass split personalities instead - Um Jammer Lammy
Let's take Prince of Persia and turn it into a try-hard God Of War wannabe - Warrior Within
Let's take Tomb Raider and make the main protagonist male - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

As an Uncharted Fan...this is so true. Good games nonetheless. - cjWriter1997

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Let's make Mario...hmm...oh, I know, A DOCTOR - Dr. Mario
Let's take soccer and add cars - Rocket League

Let's steal that idea from The Simpsons.

Let's Take Super Mario 64... and Push It Into Space - Super Mario Galaxy
Let's Take Portal and Add an Obnoxious British-Stereotype Character with an Incredibly Clichéd Betrayal Plot Twist Into It - Portal 2
Let's take Psychonauts and imbue it with the POWER OF ROCK - Brütal Legend
Let's make a Pokémon game where you walk around snapping photos of Pokémon instead of actually catching them - Pokémon Snap
Let's take Rayman and Ren & Stimpy and toss them together into a blender - Rayman Origins
Let's take Yoshi's Story and Kirby's Epic Yarn and toss them together into a blender - Yoshi's Woolly World
Let's make Rock Band but with the entire soundtrack made up of exclusively Beatles songs - Beatles Rock Band
Let's make Guitar Hero but with the soundtrack made up of exclusively Metallica songs - Guitar Hero Metallica
Let's take Super Mario 3D Land and port it onto the Wii U with yet another incredibly misleading title - Super Mario 3D World
Let's take Diablo and turn it into a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter - Borderlands
Let's take Kid Icarus and turn it into yet another God Of War clone - Kid Icarus: Uprising
Let's make a party game that manipulates Nintendo fans into believing that it's an actual hardcore fighting game - Super Smash Bros.
Let's take Super Metroid and turn it into one of the most forcedly linear games ever made - Metroid Fusion
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