Top 10 Lazy Ideas from Video Game Developers that Turned Out to Be Amazing Games

The Top Ten Lazy Ideas from Video Game Developers that Turned Out to Be Amazing Games

1 Let's take Zelda and turn it into a shameless Skyrim and Witcher 3 clone - Breath Of The Wild
2 Let's take Mario and make it more of a running game as opposed to a jumping game - Sonic The Hedgehog
3 Let's take Mario, Devil May Cry and Panel De Pon, throw them together into a blender and see what sticks - Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
4 Let's take Super Mario 64 and add a squirt gun into it - Super Mario Sunshine
5 Let's blatantly rip off Mario but also add a few 3D Sonic elements into it - Crash Bandicoot
6 Let's outright steal the Joker straight from Batman and make him the main antagonist of our game - Final Fantasy VI
7 Since we're not doing anything with F-Zero, let's "borrow" the anti-gravity gimmick from X and GX - Mario Kart 8
8 Let's take Parappa The Rapper and make it about a crazy, sexy, redheaded stoner guitarist girl with a severe case of shy/badass split personalities instead - Um Jammer Lammy
9 Let's take Prince of Persia and turn it into a try-hard God Of War wannabe - Warrior Within
10 Let's take Tomb Raider and make the main protagonist male - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

As an Uncharted Fan...this is so true. Good games nonetheless. - cjWriter1997

The Contenders

11 Let's make Mario...hmm...oh, I know, A DOCTOR - Dr. Mario
12 Let's take soccer and add cars - Rocket League

Let's steal that idea from The Simpsons.

13 Let's Take Super Mario 64... and Push It Into Space - Super Mario Galaxy
14 Let's Take Portal and Add an Obnoxious British-Stereotype Character with an Incredibly Clichéd Betrayal Plot Twist Into It - Portal 2
15 Let's take Psychonauts and imbue it with the POWER OF ROCK - Brütal Legend
16 Let's make a Pokémon game where you walk around snapping photos of Pokémon instead of actually catching them - Pokémon Snap
17 Let's take Rayman and Ren & Stimpy and toss them together into a blender - Rayman Origins
18 Let's take Yoshi's Story and Kirby's Epic Yarn and toss them together into a blender - Yoshi's Woolly World
19 Let's make Rock Band but with the entire soundtrack made up of exclusively Beatles songs - Beatles Rock Band
20 Let's make Guitar Hero but with the soundtrack made up of exclusively Metallica songs - Guitar Hero Metallica
21 Let's take Super Mario 3D Land and port it onto the Wii U with yet another incredibly misleading title - Super Mario 3D World
22 Let's take Diablo and turn it into a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter - Borderlands
23 Let's take Kid Icarus and turn it into yet another God Of War clone - Kid Icarus: Uprising
24 Let's make a party game that manipulates Nintendo fans into believing that it's an actual hardcore fighting game - Super Smash Bros.
25 Let's take Super Metroid and turn it into one of the most forcedly linear games ever made - Metroid Fusion
26 Let's take Sonic and make it yet ANOTHER God Of War clone for about half of the game - Sonic Unleashed
27 Let's take Super Mario RPG and make it paper - Paper Mario
28 Let's take Castlevania and turn it into yet another god-damned God Of War clone - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
29 Let's make an entire game that's basically about closing doors - Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
30 Let's take Metroid Prime and turn it into another one of those generic "light/dark world" type games - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
31 Let's take Metroid Prime, fill it to the brim with Wii gimmicks and strip nearly all of the actual puzzle-solving elements from it - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
32 Let's take Um Jammer Lammy...AND PUSH IT INTO SPACE - Gitaroo Man
33 Let's take Guitar Hero and add more instruments into it, most of which are completely unnecessary anyway - Rock Band
34 Let's take Dance Dance Revolution...AND MAKE IT MARIO, KA-CHING - DDR Mario Mix
35 Let's take Sonic the Hedgehog and make it DARK and EDGY and BADASS - Shadow The Hedgehog
36 Let's take Star Fox and make it a Zelda-esque adventure game - Star Fox Adventures
37 Let's take Star Fox and give it different characters to play with and multiple endings - Star Fox Command
38 Let's take Super Metroid and apply the Castlevania coat of paint to it - Symphony Of The Night
39 Let's make Nintendo characters toys - Super Smash Bros
40 Let's Take Super Smash Bros and Add an Autistic Boy to It - Super Smash Bros 4
41 Let's Take Street Fighter and Make Nintendo Characters Toys in the Process - Super Smash Bros
42 Let's make a game where a race of anthropomorphic monkeys depend on your drawings instead of fighting for themselves - Drawn to Life

That's the whole point.

43 Let’s make a joke about buggy video games, but then make it very, very serious - Hollow Knight
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