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1 The Change Consultancy

We define solutions for organisations embarking on change with the philosophy that the change should only occur from a strong base and with a strong motive to make it easy for organisations they launched a culture implementation programme Tribe 365™ and have proved to increase organisations revenue by 100%. - helmutbowes1806

2 P2 Consulting

We believe the best solutions are achieved through focusing on simple values. We understand the challenges clients face �" the pace
of globalisation, technology change and increasing regulation - helmutbowes1806

3 Projectone

We work shoulder to shoulder with many of the UK’s leading organisations to change, thrive and grow �" bringing clarity, pace and greater predictability to the delivery of business-critical change. - helmutbowes1806


We help organisations overcome the barriers to successful change initiatives. Our approach is structured to support the organisation, its leaders and its people through the transition from the current way of operating to the future state. - helmutbowes1806

5 Changeworks Consulting

With a full span of change management, communication & training services, We apply innovative solutions to help businesses transform. Our team bring experience in various methodologies - Agile, Waterfall etc. - helmutbowes1806

6 Pathfinder

We combine the intellectual capability and professionalism of consulting firms with the experience, speed and flexibility of dedicated specialists at a price that delivers significant value. - helmutbowes1806

7 PeopleFirm

We help you design and implement a strategy for all areas related to your people �" one that supports and furthers your organizational goals. And we make sure that this strategy engages and supports your people. - helmutbowes1806

8 changewright

We are passionate about delivering quality, impactful outcomes for our clients. ChangeWright has served many organisations in the private and public sectors by providing change management and project management services, resources, training and international accreditation.
​ - helmutbowes1806

9 Thinkchangeconsulting

Understanding our typical, fundamental perceptions and reactions to change e.g. our bias to perceive change as a threat rather than a potential reward, can help people to understand their existing habits and how to create new ones that give greater effectiveness and engagement at work. - helmutbowes1806

10 CPC

With our management development programs, we raise awareness for the need for change and ensure that the planned changes can be put into practice. - helmutbowes1806

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