Top Ten Leaf Cup Courses in Mario Kart

The Leaf Cup is the second-to-last retro cup in each Mario Kart game, and tends to contain some of the more difficult yet not too epic tracks in any fiven Mario Kart game. Which Leaf Cup tracks are the best? Vote and read the list to find out.

The Top Ten

1 N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (Wii)

I've talked a lot about how there are some guilty pleasure Mario Kart courses I have, and how much I adore nature-themed courses with greenery and forests. Koopa Cape, Alpine Pass and Shroom Ridge all fall in this category. But, not matter how much I adore those tracks, I honestly must confess that my absolute favourite nature-themed course in Mario Kart has got to be N64 DK's Jungle Parkway, specifically, this Wii remake. This track..., is just so insanely beautiful and special to me. We're racing under a sunset-type of setting in a thick jungle, and it looks amazing! It doesn't have very much to it, but that's ok, because this jungle and cave at the end is just great! Instead of a song, this track actually has an ambiance instead and I think it works much better as well, because it gives the track its special feel. Honestly, it has got to be one of my favourite tracks of all time. - darthvadern

2 3DS Music Park (Wii U)

One of the most original Mario Kart courses to date as there's nothing to hate about this course. You're racing on a motorway consisting of everything from a piano, a xylophone, bouncing off drums, tricking off bouncing notes' ground pounds. Actually though, it's ironic how unoriginal this remake of the track is, as it's the same thing, pretty much legit. However, don't fix what's not broken! Personally, I've always found the original on the 3DS better. I don't know, I just don't really like the HD on this track, it doesn't fit very well. Plus, the bouncing notes don't bounce every second in the last lap anymore like in the original. Still, a masterpiece! - darthvadern

3 N64 Yoshi Valley (Wii U)

One of, the most creative track designs in Mario Kart. Well, technically it's not THAT creative, but seeing as Yoshi Valley was the first track with split paths, and the only Mario Kart track so far to have a WIDE variety of different pathways, it would be a crime to not speak of this course. It's not just the fact though that it has a good concept, but the overall atmosphere and setting is great too! I'm a big fan of the music, as it kinda fits the afternoon-sunset vibe of this big, lush but rocky valley. Not so surprisingly, this track is way easier than its N64 counterpart, which can be a bit boring as it is a finale to the Leaf Cup, but it's not a big deal in the slightest. - darthvadern

4 DS Wario Stadium (Wii U)

I really like this course. It feels nothing like the original in a postive way. It's like you're actually racing inside a stadium with ramps and entire new sections! Most people complained the music in the original did'nt fit as it was purposely made for Waluigi Pinball due to the sound effects but now we have that song remixed stadium-style! Really awesome! Now what puts this on the list is the fact that it's really just a stadium though. Nothing too mind-blowing or gimmicky, just a really cool stadium. - darthvadern

5 GBA Bowser Castle 3 (Wii)

The original Bowser Castle 3 on Mario Kart: Super Circuit was my favourite of the four BC tracks in said game, because even if it didn't have a particularly memorable course design, it did have one feature that made it stand out from the rest, which was the blue aestethic. This remake is a great re-creation of that retro track, while also adding some ramps, and one broken shortcut I think we all know of. This music remix is also my favourite version of the GBA Bowser Castle song. Really awesome! - darthvadern

6 GCN Daisy Cruiser (3DS)

I've always loved to race on cruise ships, and GCN Daisy Cruiser lets you do exactly that. Although Leaf Cup is a bit of a hard cup to put the nerfed Daisy Cruiser on, it does kinda bring a calm yet weakly epic feeling to the cup. In this remake, you can actually drive inside the pool thanks to the underwater mechanic, and it's a lot faster to use the basement now as there isn't a wall blocking you from driving straight ahead. The reason this isn't any higher at all is the fact that I think as a course a lot more could've been done. But for what it's worth it's great! - darthvadern

7 N64 Choco Mountain (DS)

Choco Mountain is one of the only two retro tracks in MKDS, whose music did not actually get butchered, it's actually just as good as it was on the N64. Moreover, I really like the course design as you're racing on a mountain of chocolate, with choco balls raining down from the steep, and there's even a lake. However, one big flaw of this track is how narrow it is at all times. If you drift at any time you're bound to accidently hit the wall and lose all of your momentum. Other than that it's really cool! - darthvadern

8 DS Desert Hills (Wii)

Desert Hills is one of the most underrated Mario Kart tracks ever. A lot of guys seem to have a huge beef with this track due to it not having much atmosphere, and the lack of content, but I disagree a lot. Ok, the atmosphere was a LITTLE bland in the original I must confess, but in this remake it's automatically fixed due to Mario Kart Wii feeling more vibrant. And the overall theme is cool, as it's based on the desert levels from SMB3 World 2. And the shortcuts are some of the greatest ever, like you can skip an entire big turn at the beginning by boosting two mushrooms past the pyramid. And near the end, you can just boost off those hills making huge jumps and it's honestly satisfying! - darthvadern

9 Wii Maple Treeway (3DS)

I really like this track a lot. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and this course perfectly captures that. The music also gives off a really chill and fun vibe. However, this remake is a heck lot worse than it was on the original. Yet again I like it but they took out the best thing about track, which is the rope bridge at the end. What was the point of replacing it with a glider section? Overall it's still a great track but it's definitely not a masterpiece anymore, so it doesn't reach any higher than this. - darthvadern

10 SNES Koopa Beach 2 (DS)

Without a doubt one of the best retro SNES courses. A flaw with the retro SNES and GBA tracks are that they are mostly flat and lack virtually any athmosphere, due to the stillness. However this is an exception as it takes place on a beach, with water which actually has animation. This makes it immediately better because the course feels more lively. There's also cheep cheeps you have to avoid and don't forget that the course does have challenge, but it's fun ones, as you avoid the deep water. Overall a quite good course. - darthvadern

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