Best League of Legends Champions

The Top Ten Best League of Legends Champions

1 Jinx
2 Master Yi
3 Yasuo

Yasuo is to OP

4 Nocturne
5 Nidalee
6 Katarina
7 Darius
8 Kha'Zix
9 Akali
10 Thresh

The Contenders

11 Rengar
12 Tahm Kench
13 Lee Sin
14 Taliyah
15 Zed
16 Renekton
17 Urgot
18 Jax
19 Shyvana
20 Pantheon
21 Sion
22 Fiddlesticks
23 Rek'sai
24 Jhin
25 Talon

Talon is a bit complex, not saying it's only him, every champion is complex in their own way, but seriously, his R ability can take you out! Especially the Q,R,W combo. Since he's an Assassin he can get a lot of kills and can be really helpful to the team when their in a bit of a pickle.

26 Braum
27 Warwick
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