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21 Swain V 2 Comments
22 Mordekaiser

First off, he may use his health to cast spells, but he regains some of the damage dealt as a shield! Also, he can beat you with a mace while you're getting shredded by his w and hit with his e, and then he follows up with an r and then he uses your soul to go and kill one of your allies!

MORDEKAISER IS AWSOMME. with most champs you always have 1 spell you don't use. wel mordekaisers spells are all awsomme. And the metal puns are great

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23 Cho'Gath

Feast on your opponents and silence them when they try and get back at you, there is no way you can lose

I am level 7 on cho... I'm so sorry


I played a game with fed fizz who had 30 1v1 by cho killed

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24 Graves

This Bearded Fellow Is Capable Of Dealin Out A Lot Of Damage Thanks To His Variety Of Powerful Ranged Attacks, Making Him One Of The Offensive Threats In Any Team.

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25 Amumu

A kick ass little mummy with spunk

The best ever I think

You wanna die

Every time he cries, the enemy team cries... too

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26 Miss Fortune

Miss correctly build can do a lot of damage to the opponents, even to a large group she can half their HP making easier to kill them in a team frontal confrontation.

I don't like Miss Fortune because she don't make very much damage

Hottest champ in the game

One of the best adc.just let her have the creeps

V 3 Comments
27 Jinx

When she is level 6, there is a little chance to escape her with low health... When you get an assist, you can kill everyone with her speed boost.

Its Jinx. that's enough why she is the most op champion in LoL

No words is just Jinx

Slow with insane range. The rockets hit everyone in team fights. A wall of stun traps. Global ult has meh damage but its still global.

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28 Thresh

If you can land grabs and get farmed, you can easily change the tide in any fight, be it solo or a teamfight. You can make it so that the enemy has almost no escape, and even if they do, they have to waste health, mana and summoner spells to get away from you, long story short, op.

Not the best, if you know how to play with it, you can always destroy minions, turret or other enemies, good in attack and defense. When creating the cage, the enemy will certainly have to come out and when it comes out gets loss and gets slower and then Tresh attack and if you can not beat the enemy ignite the torch next to a teammate and one tap on it and get near Tresh face to face with the enemy, ready sal down.

Thresh is supp and might I say amazing at it but he's definitely not op.

Amazing skills, OP passive, good support good tank...

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29 Fiddlesticks

This kid is op please put me in challenger

Even when he is not fed, his ulti can still be a pentakill, if initiated right.

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30 Ziggs

Not OP at all, completely skillshot based squishy champion with low mobility


Fun but not OP... against a good player his q can be dodged, his ult can be flashed, and his minefield can be avoided with many qwer moves in the game.

Has a q which can reach lot of distance, a really good mid champ and he s ult can suprise every lane.

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31 Malphite

Um he is not top 30, sorry, he is fun, but if you have a competent opponent who builds correctly against him, they will eat through him like butter.

Unstopable! Best tank/support ever. And no one can defeat him 1 vs 1!

Straight up OP, amazing tank, extraordinary damage.
When upgraded... there is NO stopping him. He scares
away noobs and wrecks everyone/everything!

Oh yeah... Why did Malphite cross the road?
Because he was a chicken! :p Jk Jk, he is an army tank.

32 Aurelion Sol

No one knows how to lay against him

U need skill but he's great

Best champ ever.

Try To Make Bigger Starsurge

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33 Rammus

This champ kills you by making you hitting him... His taunt lasts forever and the wont fall late game - ThugStylez

OP best fighter!
All you need to win every single game is get item passives like Thornmail or Sunfire Cap.
Bonus magic resistance and armor which transforms into bonus damage thanks to his passive?

Rammus I'm my opinion have one of the most powerful ganks in the game

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34 Killer V 1 Comment
35 Sion

I believe that Sion has incredible tanking skills, especially if you build well. His Q can strike multiple enemies within range, which can destroy minions, thus opening a path for someone who is in the same lane as him.

He is a very good tank and initiator, build correctly you can deal and take massive amounts of damage.

You can just type in google search "best sion" and you will find 98% win-rate Sion main.

Sion is good for anytime in the game this is because of his death ability

V 9 Comments
36 Kha'Zix

So op, he can just leap out of bush, spam abilities get the kill and ult away. Plus he can evolve witch makes him more badass

In almost every game gets firstblood, and if he gangs You and You're paper, you're dead.

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37 Olaf Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The w attack is so op when you got low life you can't kill him

For the win most op player I kicked fakers add with this champ

Best of the best

He's broken

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38 Fizz

Most OP Champ in the Game! He dodges everything with his E, has extreme burst and a DOT... and he is not even hard to play!

Fizz isn't OP in the least... you need to know when to attack when to walk away and when to run... that's all it takes, you mission is to bait out his Hop, when his DOT is active run and kite... bait the hop then flash away from hisult then Squish that super squishy champ.

Why is this champ not even in the top 5 most op

R and E = Ezzz kill

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39 Aatrox

His w with high life steal, never die.

Godly with speed and bloodthirsty and revive armor

Aatrox is op. His passive is super and his ulti too. I also like the first attack because you can jump over walls! Cool

If you play with him good you can solo baron and elder. You can also get a penta kill easy

V 11 Comments
40 Varus

Not op. I would just call him snipe mcgee

He has an overpowered kit as he can stun, slow, reduce health regeneration, gain attack speed and he can kill any fleeing enemy with his q

His Q is super long range & every time he kills something he gains attack speed late game makes him really scary.

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