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41 Vayne

This wall looks great. Look a Vayne. This wall looks even better close up and my head hurts

Dodge, stun, mobility and TRUE damage - not even a bit op.

Weak early game, item dependent

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42 Morgana

IF you can master a good combo with Q+R+W+E(shield on self) and is quite a good support.

She is very hard to counter, has a shield that blocks all cc and an ulti that can stun an entire team - ThugStylez

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43 Aurelion Sol

No one knows how to lay against him

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44 Ahri

I don't understand why she is only 47 th she is really op.

Amazing wave clear, high damage, high life steal with passive and masteries, amazing at ganking, great mobility, a high damage skill shot that makes the target come towards your ball of true damage on return. how is this champ not higher on the list

Best character in the game. Incredible wave clear. Ult is an escape an entree and both at the same time. All moves have range one of which is not a skill shot. Potential to regain full health every 9th Q.

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45 Illaoi

She can destroy Uranus with her tentacles!

Can literally explode an entire team

She can 1 vs 5 with her ulti when all opposing teams are in full health

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46 Jinx

When she is level 6, there is a little chance to escape her with low health... When you get an assist, you can kill everyone with her speed boost.

Its Jinx. that's enough why she is the most op champion in LoL

No words is just Jinx

Slow with insane range. The rockets hit everyone in team fights. A wall of stun traps. Global ult has meh damage but its still global.

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47 Wukong

His banking abilities are unmatched, great for farming and a amazing mid to late game.

Hardly lose a match when I play Wukong :) He can be really OP in the late game

Yasuo does 10 times the damage as Wu does.. and can out run out trade and out farm... wu is no match.. Wu gets beatby, Darius, Zed, Yasuo, Xin zhao, Lee sin and a few others very easily

This champ is so weak

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48 Talon

"King of the mid" if you buy the right items you can make a lots of dmg with Q and ulti. You make ashe down with 2-3 hits if you ll level 18.
Talons ulti: it can be used for escape or for attack. By attack you must activate the ulti and attack one champion.. The champ has left the half of his live. He is a very good champ if you use him right.

I saw him behind me, I had full health but screen instantly gone grey, sent a support ticket to riot about this bug and then a friend told me what has happened.

In my opinion the talon is a very strong champion and op but it is a pity that many do not think like me because they find it difficult to play with him.

Talons combo is not qerw. that's the most ridiculous talon combo I have ever seen. the person who said that talons combo is qewr should quit playing talon. talons proper combo is e auto attack q w R. I am a Korean diamond.

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49 Ralph

Lmaooo who the hell is ralph

Who is Ralph

wreck it

What is this

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50 Faker

The most OP champ in league of legends.

Probably the best Korean world star

Can't juke out Faker. Once you meet him, unless it's a 5-man ult, do not engage no matter what.

Pro #1 champ

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51 Volibear

He is tanky and he can damage a lot by himself. He is a good supporter too, he grabs and slow and other can damage the enemy so it will be a good combination with adc

You play full tank and you hit more ad than your hole team!

Just run at the enemy when your passive is up and you will magically survive.

Voli is the best using his e to slow champions down then use your q to fling them back and during that use your r and use your w for final blow

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52 Vi V 2 Comments
53 Mordekaiser

First off, he may use his health to cast spells, but he regains some of the damage dealt as a shield! Also, he can beat you with a mace while you're getting shredded by his w and hit with his e, and then he follows up with an r and then he uses your soul to go and kill one of your allies!

MORDEKAISER IS AWSOMME. with most champs you always have 1 spell you don't use. wel mordekaisers spells are all awsomme. And the metal puns are great

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54 Lucian

A good adc with burst damage and a nice dash and a ult (if used correctly) cann zone a entire team and make unbelievable damage. No wonder that so many challangers play him

55 Paspar

This guy is so op he just uses his pas pas slap and your dead.

When he ults he destroys the entire universe, but he notices that not having a universe is boring, so he rewinds time and he never ults but still op

I honestly can't think of a more op champ than paspar. his kit has got to be nerfed lol

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56 Yorick

The old yorick was more op, I want him back :'( or someone new with yorick's old abilities

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57 Brand

His Ultimate used right in a team fight will bring the whole enemy team to half health! Also his stun when you hit it you can just follow up with a wombo combo!

How zed better than brand... Barnd can make zed burned ninja brand harras very strong which make him 1 of best mid laners so I think that brand should be 1 of best 10 no rank 27

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58 Urf V 1 Comment
59 Syndra

Too low on the list. Syndra's an awesome lane pusher and can carry a team. She can stun a whole team.

She can deal an extremely large amount of damage, but is hard to play.

This is insanely low. Probably the most OP midlaner at the moment. Just go watch bjergsen play her. She is truly one of the best.

His Power is limitless

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60 Orianna V 4 Comments
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