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61 Urf

Most op champ in game

Urf is Urf!

62 Nasus

Nasus should be at least at the top 5s.


Just farm your q and it's gg... Build tank and never dies, his wither is disgusting.. Definitely op..

After last buff he is unstoppable, 1,1 sec. cooldown on Q during your Ultimate and 35% armor reduction on E is gg.

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63 Paspar

This guy is so op he just uses his pas pas slap and your dead.

When he ults he destroys the entire universe, but he notices that not having a universe is boring, so he rewinds time and he never ults but still op

I honestly can't think of a more op champ than paspar. his kit has got to be nerfed lol

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64 Yorick

The old yorick was more op, I want him back :'( or someone new with yorick's old abilities

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65 Kindred

1 of the sexiest if not the greatest champion. It's a two in one deal.

He's simply awesome. he's not able to absorb damage very well, but played right he can own the field.

66 Govno

Most op level 1 champ

Govno is so OP in late game couse it stinks so much

Really strong because of his hovno power

Is *govno* a champ?

67 Riven

Riven, is an extremely balanced champion who takes an extreme amount of skill to play properly. To be able to weave your autos in between your abilities is a true skill, and decision making is extremely important. Riven shouldn't be anywhere near this placement on this list, because everyone who says Riven is a broken champion who doesn't take skill, is bronze. (DANIEL)

She is very strong against the melee ad champions she has one of the bests escapes in the game and she can chase who she want.

If you play Riven, kill yourself

I think this lsit really have a problem some op champ (like riven) are only 70 or 80. What

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68 Ezreal

Ezreal is pure op.

Ezreal is OP when he is AP or AD he is strong

Ezreal thunderlord is like "My oh my"

He have 2 flash e and flash its op an his ulti BOMM PENTAKILL

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69 Rengar

He's OP OP. Come on you guys he's broken right now.

He is best champ ever idiots

Rengar Is vert underrated but if You but divine sword You Van get a free kill by activating You q 3 times and the ability. You Van 2 or3 shot someone.


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70 Ekko

All he needs is a few seconds to delete entire team and erase any damage to himself. Feed Ekko even a little and your team is done for... who wants to watch not him and his 4 second long shadow.

Build lich bane first item please

If ekko is played correctly he can 1v5 even with low health. As you flee a fight wait until the entire team is in range of your ulti and pop it... Most of the time the team runs because they don't expect you to pop up in the middle of them throwing out damage!

He is one of the better champs, he can one shot someone with his passive plus e! he needs to be top 10

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71 Gnar

He was announced like 6 months ago now...

Mega Gnar's tank attacks at early levels are deadly!
The ratio is only 0%!

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72 Azir

Azir is the best

My main best champ ever

Can be very usefull in right hands, cause can kill from a far.

His ult is, to me, one of the best in league!

73 Irelia

The trinity force made her op. She is a great and under rated champion that can we easily the teamfights if played well.

Better nerf irelia

Because irelia is irelia best laning ever

Lol irelia rekts all top lanes fiora no chance range top no chances who is better :D

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74 Renekton

He is super op early game and if he gets his level 2 power spike before you your done also he is op at late game one shots.

Can farm early and has amazing burst

Ok renekton is seriously one of the best early game champion. With a stun a gap closer and 2 heals with great AoE damage he is a force to be reckoned with. And for people who say he's bad late game well they've never seen a good renekton

What is he just 66th?

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75 Quinn

She's good in late game, and in early game its good vs tankers in top! very nice and ez to farm!

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76 Vladimir

His W (Sanguine Poole) makes him invulnerable + dealing damage + slowing all enemies above him + healin him. His Q deals ridiculously high damage (around 500/600 with 500AP) and heals him for 200HP every time. Its cooldown is 2.4... Ridiculous isn't it? And he have no mana, every ability depends on health. Q and R are even free! While using W, that costs 20% of health, he regens way more.

Anything can be slain by just using Q and E repeatedly, in late game the cool-down is so low that it is really easy to kill everyone in sight.

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77 Pantheon

Stun, Dmg, Ult + owned!

I think... He's the best duelist champ

Early to mid game fun guaranteed

Mid game his op

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78 Zyra

She's really OP right now, most people don't know how to counter her and she's not to hard to catch on too. Also, her ultimate foes massive damage, increase damage of her plants, and is a knock up so it's really good.

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79 Karthus

I'm op with karthus

Weak early lane.. godlike late game

His R is genius

With correct item set,mastry and anticipated Q, this champ can be op.

80 Ryze

With the right items and a lot of ability, you can kill an enemy in 3 seconds!
When you mix his abilitys right, you can make it hard for the enemy

Ryze can take a lot of damage, you just need to play well

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