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81 Maria Ozawa Maria Ozawa

Can 1v1 your penis, 2 op please nerf

I love Maria Ozawa! NOBODY KNOWS HER

Op 1 v 5 easy

82 Poro

R: he jumps up and smashes the ground, like the poro King. Also heals him and nearby allies for 5 seconds over time. Lastly is that he leaves a hole that will kill every enemy champion nearby.

And his W:shows every one his cuteness Making all giving him their life force!

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83 Elise

Wow she is only 70 th? What this is clearly one of the best junglers

84 Bertrand V 2 Comments
85 Kenen

He is just op he stuns everyone he wants and his ult is overpowered in team fights.if played correctly he can almost comeback in any 1v1 cause when the enemy is stunned, he also deals tons of damage

Just a lad to be honest

Burst agility and aoe,oh stuns...and wait, a marksman? huh.that damned q

86 Tristana

Can catch you on the run

One of the best adc s

87 Vel'Koz

Just Koz, who doesn't like a good tentacle monster from the void? Plus: DEATHRAY

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88 Bard

But nah, if you know how to play him right (no troll) he can be a powerful support. Who needs Zhonyas when you have a Brad?

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89 Soraka V 2 Comments
90 Caitlyn

The Sheriff of Piltover will rock the game if used correctly, along with their cupcakes and with his rifle fiel. A 1 skill to be used will be the first after the armadilhas. Boa lucky player with the best of Piltover.

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91 Shadowfiend V 2 Comments
92 Draven

The best if you really good play with him you take the first blood and you carry

Agree its very op

If fed you can 2 shot anyone with dragon boost and 70% crit

Ha. Too easy

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93 Dr. Mundo

How is Mundo not in the top 10, he's always banned from ranked and so op

94 Jarvan IV

Why are there 100 champions on this list? There aren't many more than that

No one can handle his combo
And his pasive are very cool

New duskblade oneshots the adc. Without adc they lost ^^

95 Kog Maw

Great champ just don't start bad or its very difficult to catch up very weak at start but is a monster when you build him

He is a great champion for bot lane sup and he also can be a butterfly.

96 Viktor

He can kill an enemy champion in 1-3 seconds flat and an out poke almost anyone.

If skillshots are your thing, expect to be bullying counter picks out of lane, has a great impact in team fights with a AOE stun and Ult. Choosing to smartcast will let you combo R-E-Q while the enemy is still silenced. Upgrading your passive early gives you real lane dominace early - mid game.

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97 Cassiopeia

You forgot her. For me she is number 12 and she has op damage and she has the best sustaining in the whole game. Its tru that you need to get close to kill enemie but her ult, w, q, e, e, e and 75 procent of champs die instant

98 Don V 1 Comment
99 Sivir

Sivir is like lesbians but OP when she encounters the weak newbies.

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100 Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is definitely top 20 at least

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