Top 10 League of Legends Skill Cap Champions

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21 Twisted Fate

Knowing where to ult and how fast you can pick that gold card makes TF easily one of the highest skill cap champs. If you position just a little off RIP with no defensive abilities if you get collapsed you'll be as useful as kassadin

22 Gangplank

He has been generally strong for awhile, but now that he has been tuned down he has a really high skill floor and very high ceiling. Sure at most elo's you just have to learn barrel chains, but play him mid and then try to say he isn't a hard champ to play.

23 Scuttle Crab

Insanley overpowered in the current meta

24 Wukong V 1 Comment
25 Draven

When to catch and drop axes is a hard mechanic

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26 Irelia
27 Talon
28 Lucian
29 Aurelion Sol
30 Rumble
31 Kalista
32 Garen

Most overlook him and play as a newer Riven player would, but if you dig a bit deeper into his kit you can see how complete mastery will significantly improve your gameplay. (kind of like Master Yi)

33 Kled
34 Lulu
35 Nasus Nasus
36 Elise
37 Shaco

Clone usage and box placement. The versatility of your clone is insane, from baiting your opponents into wasting their abilities on the clone instead of you to timing the ult perfectly to dodge LITERALLY ANYTHING, his ult is unique and gives him the potential to make some very nice plays and cause the enemy team some very frustrating moments. Good uses of your boxes can also often make or break fights, smart placement around objectives/areas that are about to be fought over can cut off the enemies escape or ensure your teammates can make a getaway if things go south. If you can outthink and predict your opponents as a Shaco, they will see you as some untouchable death machine that is ganking every lane and invading jungle all at the same time. In summary, his ult dodges anything and if played well is the safest way to bait out enemy abilities ever and a few well placed boxes can quite literally turn a teamfight into a massacre. While not the most difficult to pick up and play, to ...more

38 wudjc
39 Aatrox
40 Gromp

She is easily the most op champ in the game. The fact that she has a reverse Guinsoo's BUILT INTO HER KIT just makes it even worse.

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