Top Ten Least Anticipated Movies of 2019

2018 is soon coming to an end and it will be succeeded by 2019. There's a lot of movies coming out in 2019, a lot of them are most likely to suck! Here's the least anticipated movies of 2019!

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1 Dora the Explorer

You know, this actually may not be as weird as you think. Barney (yes, the purple dinosaur) was given his own movie in the 90s, called "Barney's Great Adventure". I predict this will be something like that, more of an extended episode. Of course Barney and Friends was still airing at the time of the movie's release, while Dora has been over for circa three years now.
(And yes, this is the same guy who said the other anonymous comment.)

My predicted worst movies of 2019
4. Aladdin
3. The Lego Movie 2: Second Part
2. Men in Black International (After Youtube Rewind, I don't think Will Smith will ever recover now.)
1. Dora the Explorer
These movies will most likely suck. - B1ueNew

What do you get when you combine a terrible kids show and a director that loves explosions? This upcoming monstrosity! - darthvadern

Actually, I don't think Michael Bay is working on the film, but his studio is. But this movie will suck regardless. - Drawbox

I am ready with my weapon.
Here I come...
*facepalm* - TriggerTrashKid

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2 Aladdin

Will Smith is a good actor, but Robin Williams is irreplaceable. - girlcool

As far as Disney Live Action remakes this is the one I'm most excited for if it is down well - germshep24

Another live-action Disney remake! Yay! How original (not) - darthvadern

Of mulan wasint pushed back to 2020 then there would be one more Disney live action movie to add to the list.

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3 The Angry Birds Movie 2

The fact that this film is happening makes me angry. - girlcool

The Angry Birds Movie was already 4 years too late to capitalize on the trend. - Extractinator04

Nicki manaj joined the cast yesterday which means it would be even worse.

I. Am. Angry! - TriggerTrashKid

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4 The Lion King

Honestly I don't see the point of this movie! The original Lion King was a great movie, no doubt! But this movie would make zero sense! Do you want to know why? There will only be CGI since there's no humans in this movie! This movie makes zero sense! It's proof that Disney only cares about money! This is definitely not a movie to anticipate! - darthvadern

Bad idea! This will be the worst Disney Remake ever made. I mean other remakes (like Night on Bald Mountain) should come out already. This is one of those that should never happen! - asantalo

I'm honestly worried about the outcome of this movie. Jungle Book live action was great and timeless. This one? We'll have to wait and see. - galaxyfox

Stop it! - TriggerTrashKid

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5 Terminator 6

The Terminator series is oversaturated! The original was great, the sequel was on the same level, the third was great! But after that the series just went downhill! Salvation was pretty boring, and Genysis, while I haven't seen it, it's a reboot to make money! And the fact that they will make another one is proof that it's for money, and money only! - darthvadern

I heard the series went downhill after the third movie as I only watched the first 2.Hopefully this one will be good - DarkBoi-X

Studio: We gonna Cash-Grab!
All of us: We ain't got no cash.
Cause you just got trash - TriggerTrashKid

Darthvadern the sequel was better than the first, 3 was the low point, salvation was on par with the first, and Genysis was just sort of OK. I have hope, maybe?

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6 Dumbo

Oh yeah, a father. It's gonna be about him and his children and there's an elephant too. Yeah, this is gonna suck. - iliekpiez

No one wanted this.

NO ONE wanted this. - Drawbox

Too many humans

I. Do. Not. Liek. This. - TriggerTrashKid

7 Sonic the Hedgehog

I'm excited for this. Jim Carrey as Eggman! - girlcool

REALLY? A movie about THE hedgehog? - B1ueNew

I like Sonic, but a movie? And it's live action? No thanks. - Drawbox

Girlcool, it's been a while since I last saw Jim Carrey on the big screen. Here's to hoping he still has his comedic side.

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8 The Secret Life of Pets 2

The original is in my opinion the second worst Illumination movie! While it wasn't as terrible as Sing, this movie was sure very mediocre and bad! The story was nothing but a rehash on Toy Story and the characters aren't half as likeable and cool. Max was a spoiled Woody rip-off and Duke was a cowardly rip-off on Buz Lightyear. And the other characters are just there! Even Snowball has some similarities to Sid Philips, the antagonist frmo Toy Story! They are both mainly misunderstood and weren't that liked. AND Illumination decided to make a sequel! Please no! I have a feeling it might rehash either A Bug's Life or Toy Story 2 - darthvadern

Secret Life of Pets 2
Minions 2
Sing 2
Despicable Me 4
This is why I hate Illumination. - Drawbox

I'm fine with Despicable Me 4 considering the ending to Despicable Me 3 but the rest, yeah, they will probably suck - darthvadern

Honestly the Trailer to the secret life of pets was better than the movie - BreakFastBeast2005

What to do? - TriggerTrashKid

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9 Star Wars: Episode IX

It is Star Wars it will always be one of the most anticipated movies, it is one of those series you can crap on and no matter how much people hate the last one most will go see - germshep24

Their gonna kill Lando I can see it coming from miles away - s646451

Just watch, Lando and Chewbacca will die, and in the end Rey will say something like "hey guys, lets use teamwork and team up together and defeat those bad guys" or something cheesy like that, and the good guys will magically win somehow. Then, Kylo Ren will turn good and die saving Rey's life.

It's always anticipated.

People then speculate

Things happen, then


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10 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Would you rather..
Pay tickets for a cash grabbing trash movie based off of LEGO,
Or you will spark and ignite the creativity inside you by buying blocks instead? - TriggerTrashKid

Yeah this movie is gonna suck. Just look at the trailers. - B1ueNew

I liked the first and second Lego movies, but this looks underwhelming. - Drawbox

It’s gonna suck but Why is it Called The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part? Shouldn’t it just be The Lego movie 2? - Randomator

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The Newcomers

? Playmobil: The Movie

Hopefully it will be good and not bad but it Don t know what's my expectations for this movie it could good or bad or ok.

? Minecraft

The Contenders

11 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

I thought ash and his friends would be in this movie and I was worried that there would be white washing but it's based on the video game and there's no ash but even without ash and his friends it will still suck.

The Trailers pretty cool but (most of) the pokemon look horrendous - s646451

I honestly can't tell if it's good or bad. - Drawbox

No one wants it

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12 Avengers 4 Avengers 4

Even though I normally find superhero movies overhyped I'm hyped for this one since Infinity War was the best movie of all time in my opinion - darthvadern

This is also pretty anticipated movie for 2019, especially with how the left Avengers 3 on a huge cliff hanger - germshep24

Am I the only one who doesn't keep up with Marvel movies? - Drawbox

You are definitely not, Superhero movies aren't for everyone and that is fine, especially when they are crammed down your throat - germshep24

This is gonna rock...cause...hope. - TriggerTrashKid

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13 Artemis Fowl

The book was awful! Artemis easily takes the award for the worst book protagonist ever! He was so cocky and obnoxious, and the entire book's purpose was to explain that he has the right to be cocky because he's so smart! Quoted directly from the book "they will be but ants beneath my fee,! " said Artemis. Why make an awful movie?

14 Shazam!

Since when were the DCEU good? Wonder Woman was quite good, but the rest were not! I kinda enjoyed Suicide Squad but even that had huge problems! I'm not sure about this one - darthvadern

I feel this one has a lot of anticipation for it, We all want to see the DCEU do good and will probably watch in the hopes that maybe they finally figured out the correct formula - germshep24

Wonder Woman was great, The other DC extended universe movies sucked however. - B1ueNew

15 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4

I am actually very anticipated for this movie, it would be interesting to see what happens after they were given to Bonnie - darthvadern

The trailer got me interested into this movie. - Drawbox

This movie is pretty high on the list of most anticipated movie of 2019 - germshep24

Well if it is bad at least it would be better than the emoji movie.

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16 The Emoji Movie 2

I hope your joking.


17 Lady and the Tramp
18 UglyDolls

Do kids still have those anyways? - Oxymoron15

It looks like a cashgrab

19 The Billion Brick Race

YAY! Even MORE cash grabs by Lego. Lego is just the new Marvel at this point. - B1ueNew

Marvel is not a cash grab company. But LEGO movies are.
At least, marvel movies have some qualities. - TriggerTrashKid

20 Frozen 2

Frozen was a great movie in my opinion, I'll even admit that I used to be a frozen fanboy that worshipped Elsa, but I'm kinda grown out of it. And since this is a sequel I'm a bit more anticipated for, that's why it's so low - darthvadern

Why's there a sequel? Sure let everyone sing "Let it go" again for old time sakes - s646451

I think 6 years is a long time to wait fora sequel.


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21 Spies in Disguise

I thought this would be cool...

..and then he became a pigeon.. - Drawbox

22 X-Men: Dark Phoenix X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Instead watch Avengers:Endgame or John Wick III. - dripallways

Hope it's better than the portrayal of Jean Gray in X-Men the Last Stand - Nonpointed

23 Alita: Battle Angel

This is going to be a good movie... for anime live-action adaption standards.

24 Captain Marvel

This movie will fail all caused by one thing... Brie Larson.

This movie is going to be the worst MCU movie since Thor: The Dark World.

25 Hellboy
26 The Addams Family
27 Joker
28 Men in Black International
29 The Kid Who Would Be King

This movie will explain why January is a terrible month for movies.

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