Top Ten Least Beautiful Songs of All Time

There are some songs that are genuinely beautiful, with great vocals, good instrumentals, and the like. The songs on this list...not so much.

This is not the same as the Worst Songs Of All Time list, but rather songs that don't sound very pretty.

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1 F***ed With A Knife - Cannibal Corpse

Oh, dear... That does not sound good - TheCobainDomain

I find this song to be quite lovely. I guess my definition of "beautiful" must be at least slightly askew. - AngryByrd

Never listened to the song, the title explains it all. - Catacorn

This is the only good song on this list

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2 Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silento

Arguably the most annoying song of 2015, Silento gained fame overnight with just one song. Well, I wouldn't actually consider it a song. The lyrics are very irritating (he just repeats 'watch me whip, now watch me nae nae' over and over again), and the beat is just as bad. But people still listen to it. *sigh* - RiverClanRocks

Very annoying and repeats the same lyrics over and over again. What the heck is a nae nae? This song reminds me of a very familiar song AHEM HIT THE QUAN AHEM AHEM AHEM. - Catacorn

Why does this song even exist? It sounds like the lyrics were written by a four-year-old. - RockFashionista

Just annoying repetitive junk called Wheep neigh neigh, even my newborn child can sing better than Silent-off thing. SHOULD_BE_NO._1 - malamJONES

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3 FACK - Eminem

Never heard it before, but the title... - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I advise you not to. Your ears will get lung cancer. THAT'S HOW BAD IT IS - 12cc

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4 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

This song is the opposite of beautiful. Annoying lyrics, bad rapping, a direct rip-off of Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back, and a whole lot more, Nicki Minaj utterly failed with this one. - RiverClanRocks

Poor song with generic tune, inappropriate, suggestive, slightly random lyrics and a bad video. - BlueDogGirl

Inappropriate and ripped off Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back. - Catacorn

It's plan out disgusting

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5 Hit The Quan - iheartmemphis

This song...ugh. Everyone talks about this song like it's the best thing since Unova, but no. It's not. The lyrics make absolutely no sense (look them up, I dare you), and it's just plain pathetic! - RiverClanRocks

Lean and Dab was worse. - RalphBob

As far as how it sounds...yeah HTQ should be above Watch Me. - WonkeyDude98

6 Gold Digger - Kayne West V 1 Comment
7 I Just Wanna - Kiss

Some parts of the song are ok, but it's kind of dumb that throughout most of the song, he just repeats "I Just Wanna F*** on You". That just ruins the song. Not one of their better songs.

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8 Love Me - Lil Wayne

Not to be confused by Lil Waynes other song with Eminem no love which Is actually good - samanime

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9 Crank That - Soulja Boy

Worst one hit wonder in rap history. - nintendofan126

Nope, he had two top five hits, another top 20, and two more in the top 40. - thomwim

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10 Baby - Justin Bieber

This should be at least top 5. This song is the complete and total definition of stupid. It's not even a song. It's just one really stupid and really annoying line being repeated. "Baby, baby, baby, ooh! " This makes your ears want to bleed. It SUCKS!

Is everyone really still complaining about this song? Really? It's 2016 just get over it, it got annoying a while ago how everyone just complains about this song, complain about a song that's relevant to complain about because no one cares if you dislike this song, no one gives one mate - Quart

It's terrible, but the production is actually decent. - WonkeyDude98

It's quite forgettable, I just heard it so I could criticize it, I'm not doing good. My ear drums are beating loudly, my eyes are twitching, my nose is running, MAKE IT STOPP! - PopularCraft

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? So Need a Cute Girl - Christian & the Hedgehog Boys

The Contenders

11 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

I think this song is worse than Anaconda. - Elina

Very random and super auto tuned - BlueDogGirl

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12 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

PUT THIS HIGHER, PLEASE! This song is just like Anaconda by Nicki Minaj and Baby by Justin Bieber! It's torturing my ears and brain! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

13 Loyal - Chris Brown
14 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

This is just stupid. That's all there is to it.

I can't be the only one who likes this song. - WonkeyDude98

This song is good, the music video whowever deserves to be on least beautifull videos - Martinglez

The video makes me wanna puke - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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15 Patience - Guns N' Roses

Any Guns N' Roses songs shouldn't be here. - malamJONES

I can't stand this song from the moment it starts.

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16 Sic - Slipknot
17 Fireworks - Katy Perry

At least it had a good theme to it. California Gurls was just trash. - Swellow

Hi katy perry my name is scotty masters I what to hear fireworks music on radio stations
hay katy perry are you feeling in love with scotty masters

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18 Daddy - Korn

Despite being a great song, this isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words: "beautiful rock song". - NikBrusk

19 Coco - O.T. Genasis

Wild guess here, but don't think it means chocolate in powder form. - TheCobainDomain

Unusual song, "I'm in love with the coco" Oh, and for a fun fact, coco means cocaine. - Catacorn

When he says coco, is he referring to cocaine? - Scr3aM

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20 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
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1. F***ed With A Knife - Cannibal Corpse
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1. F***ed With A Knife - Cannibal Corpse
2. FACK - Eminem
3. I Just Wanna - Kiss
1. Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
2. Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silento
3. Hit The Quan - iheartmemphis

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