Top 10 Least Favorite the Amazing Race Teams

There are teams we like and Teams we don't like. Anyway let's get started.

The Top Ten

1 Jonathan & Victoria (Season 6)

Jonathan is the example of a psychopathic manchild. He is abusive and childish towards everyone especially Victoria. And this assclown wanted to be a dad? I especially hated the fact that he pushed his OWN WIFE WHEN THEY JUST MISSED BEING FIRST!

Even Phil didn't wanna see his stupid ass again. I don't blame the guy. - RoxasDan

2 Travis & Nicole (Season 23)

Utter hypocrites- they say they wanna present a good example for their kids but always rely on other teams to help them mainly Jason & Amy. I especially hated when Nicole tried to cheat of Leo in the Roadblock and people are supposed to hate Leo and Jamal. Just ugh... Oh and Travis was pretty much Colin and Wil when it comes to his partner. Can somebody tell me why Nicole is with this asshole? - RoxasDan

3 Brendon & Rachel (Seasons 20 & 24)
4 Colin & Christie (Season 5)

Colin was like Wil except more of a child. All he did was beg people to "owe him". He was cruel to everyone mainly Charla & Mirna, a taxi driver, and his own girlfriend. I especially despised him when he refused to pay the taxi driver all because he didn't get what he wanted. I wanted to scream "JUST GIVE HIM THE MONEY YOU IDIOT! "

Christie was no better either. She pretty much gave Colin a pat on the back and encouraged his rough behavior. Ugh... - RoxasDan

5 Tara & Wil (Season 2)

Wil was the original "asshole" of this show. All he did was act like a douche to everyone especially Alex and Blake. Oh and remember his drunken rage at the 3rd Pitstop? Yeah I would've left the party...

Tara is no angel either. She flirted with Alex in front of her ex-husband who wasn't divorced yet. Tara, if you didn't like Wil why didn't you wait till the divorce happened. Granted I would put Flo and Zac on this list for the same reason but both Tara & Wil were unbearable. - RoxasDan

6 Tim & Marie (Season 23)
7 Eric & Danielle (Seasons 9 &11)

Okay I have no problem with them in Season 9. Their chemistry was cute back then and Eric was a warrior in that Season.

However my issue was this- THEY HAD NO REASON TO BE ALL STARS. I have nothing against Eric being on the show, but Danielle contributed nothing in Season 9. Worst idea ever.

Not to mention Eric was a tool that season and Danielle was a ditz. Oh and they replaced teams like Kris & Jon or Colin & Christie? Ugh... - RoxasDan

8 Lyn & Karyn (Season 10)

I give them props for being the first all female team to make it to top three. But that doesn't excuse the fact that they were mean spirited towards anyone who wasn't their "alliance". Dustin and Kandice may be villains, but at least they're not cruel or mean-spirited. - RoxasDan

9 Shelley & Nici (Season 25)

Ugh... do these two ever shut up? Nici is like a spoiled baby and Shelley is too overbearing. Plus U-turning Keith and Whitney over a squabble, but not U-turning Jim and Misty for being a threat? That's no strategy at all. - RoxasDan

Good thing they didn't U-Turn Adam and Bethany.

10 Brent & Catie (Season 16)

Okay Catie is just an idiot. She wanted to prove she was smarter than people give her credit. Well that didn't work. Also U-turning Carol and Brandy because they were "mean"? Yeah I'm not too fond of Carol and Brandy, but that was just stupid. - RoxasDan

The Contenders

11 The Weaver Family (Season 8)

I feel sorry for their lost but they were downright cold hearted and rude. They were the equivalent of middle schoolers. Linda is pretty much spoiling her kids letting them get away with mischief. - RoxasDan

12 Adam & Rebecca (Season 6)

Adam is a manchild. enough said - RoxasDan

13 Jamie and Cara (Season 14 and 18)

Admittedly, Jamie wasn't as bad in Season 18 as she was in 14, but regardless she constantly yelled at the taxi drivers and played it as if it was their(the taxi drivers) fault that they couldn't accomplish tasks. Cara handled the tough roadblocks and would blow through them, but Jamie would always yell at her to go faster to do better. Conversely, Cara would always support Jamie on whatever roadblock she was doing. Not to mention she(Jamie) hit the guy's mirror in season 18 and proceeded to get frustrated when he called the police. She also called the POLICE for directions, because what else would the police be doing, right? definitely nothing more important then giving someone directions.

14 Brooke & Scott (Season 29)

I can't believe this team won The Amazing Race. worst amazing race winner ever.

15 Charla & Mirna (Seasons 5 & 11)
16 Leo & Jamal (Seasons 23, 24 & 31)
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