Top Ten Least Favorite Gods from the Percy Jackson Series

The Top Ten Least Favorite Gods from the Percy Jackson Series

1 Zeus

I think that he is to blame for Hera despising demigods because Hera cares for her family and is nothing but loyal when he constantly cheats. Also he risked the end of the world just because he didn't want to admit that the gods needed help from the demigods. Also the worst father out of the Big Three.

Zeus is a turd

He’s a jerk - blackflower

2 Hera

I'm the goddess of family! What should I do? I should separate people from their families!

Lets see,
1. Didn't care if Nico lived or died
2. Cursed Annabeth
3. Dropped statue on Thalia's legs
4. Started the whole prophecy of the 7
5. Took Jason's memory
6. Got kidnapped and wasted a quest on saving her
7. Took Percy's memory
8. Said Annabeth would be Percy's biggest problem

there is more but I can't remember it all

Gosh Hera was a total mound of poop! I hate her so much! Basically she was the one who caused all the trouble among all the superimportant characters. At first I was like, "Percy I felt bad for you," and then I was like "Frank I felt bad for you so much! " and then I was like "Gosh Leo, I want to be your friend because I felt too bad for you..." and then I started feeling bad for everybody. Hera was seriously separating everybody from their families even though she was THE FAMILY GODDESS. Dude seriously I detested Hera!

Umm can I hear everyone say WORST GODDESS EVER! What the hell? Isn't she the goddess of family? She literally makes everyone miserable.

3 Khione

I kinda love her all ya ha haters she can't help herself sometimes I can relate

Guys Khione was really mean but also kind of cool I mean she's pretty much Elsa # Disneynerd ;-) and French boi - 🇫🇷🇫🇷

4 Demeter

What’s wrong with her? - blackflower

5 Persephone

Sorry just not my type, I don;t think this god had won my heart.

6 Amphitrite
7 Heracles
8 Nemesis
9 Boreas
10 Artemis


I did not like her, she was also very sexist.

(I’m sorry guys, I know a lot of people love her, and you can vote her off, but I just wasn’t particularly fond of her) - AnnaOfArendelle332

The Contenders

11 Poseidon

Ik, IK, YOU GUYS LOVE POSIDEN! But, for those that don't...

12 Misery
13 Hades

Why the heck is he on here?! He was such a chill dude! And honestly he was so cool in the Hercules Disney movie!

14 Triptolemus

I just hate himyouguys...

15 Hypnos

HE iS a Minor GoddiE

16 Ares
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