Least Favorite Hetalia Pairings

The Top Ten Least Favorite Hetalia Pairings


Umm.. England actually tried cursing America so, nope

Definitely my least favourite. I know it's not technically incest, but they have more of a brotherly relationship I think. not to mention how horribly this ship is portrayed in the fandom.

I can't even stand any pairings where England is an Uke, let alone USUK.

He was a Pirate. A Punk. He conquered almost all of the countries on the map!

How in the Holy Roman Empire can he be an Uke!? How!?

In the least let him be a Lazy Seme!

This ship is weird and completely ruins the brotherly dynamic between America and England!

2 RoChu

Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be put on a roller coaster that just goes directly to a meat grinder and be served to customers at McDonald's. This pairing is to Hetalia as the pneumonia I had when I was nine years old is to my lungs. What's next? Am I going to succumb to being shipped with my rude gym teacher from the fifth grade? Not a snowball's chance in Arizona during a heat wave! I know it's humor to some people. That is, those in a metaphorical auditorium. "Oh look they're playing! They're in love! " cries out the braying crowd of ignoble, rabid, pubescent teenage girls. What's truly occurring is that Russia is inquiring that China 'become one with him' whilst China is visibly distraught. The almost barbaric mantra of pubescent girls chanting "I ship it! " fills the room. I watch in horror, my eyes filled with anguish and contempt. China refuses, and the entire room is filled with hyena-like cries of laughter and 'oo'ing. The heretics all just ...more

I don't see the appealing at all

It is SUCK hate it a lot! Just Russia says 'China, be come one with me, the' and China Run >:( that! LIKE THAT So Boring! I don't want my top character do something with my least character!

3 FrUK

It's no good America and England belong together

I like USUK more I don't get it
It's not (totally) brotherly love
First of all England took care of America took him in
Their NOT brothers
Geez...Learn people Learn
Not just because England WAS a pirate, punk, etc
Means he can't be a uke
...If u want England as a seme...
Ukus there (I don't actually like ukus
I think England's cuter being uke...no offense) stop hating it just because u want iggy as seme...

4 Spamano

I used to like them, but I got fed up with Spain's shota complex and Romano's rude mouth.

5 AsaKiku

Boring... just because the author is from japan and because England is popular doesn't mean they have to be a couple. Japan works only with Germany, Italy, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

6 Taipan
7 AmeBel

This is a stupid ship. They would not even get along that well because their personalities are too extreme and Belarus doesn't even like him all that much. America also likely does not think too fondly of her either because she's siding with Russia and we all know how America and Russia feel about each other. Even in a Normal Human AU these 2 would still not match because they can't gravitate towards each other properly. Even if Belarus was a normal girl I don't think she would see America as her type and neither would she be his type. Their more like distant strangers who know each other but don't really care all that much in my opinion. Plus I'm pretty sure even in canon they don't get along that well so why is this so damn popular in the hetero section? I'm certain America is creeped out and disturbed by her behavior as well but if he were willing to get to know her and see through her cold exterior, they would most likely just be friends and nothing more. Their just not a good ...more

I really don't get it, why out of all the APH girls (including Nyo! Girls and OCs) America gets paired with HER? He deserves so much better than that!
AmeBel goes to hell. - MarByz


Absolute NOTP for me, I hate it... no, I LOATH it with the power of billions of burning suns; like really: a) they haven't interacted/didn't mention each other in the anime and manga, b) personalities clash (why so cruel to poor Alfred? + I just can't see this "opposites attract" thing working - personality-wise, it's actually very problematic, and this case is a good example of this: these two wouldn't have a healthy relationship due to extreme personality differences (see below for more details)), c) in the strip, he considered her as a sister. A SISTER. NOT. A. FREAKING. GIRLFRIEND/WIFE! And then he NEGLECTED her! d) the actual countries don't exactly have good relations.
(And the 2p! and Nyo! versions are even worse.)
Also, shipping them together actually ruins their characters. Seriously, why would America fall for such a weird, creepy and cold girl like Belarus??? He’ll most likely run for his life from her. But even if she was normal (i.e. not crazy), I still can’t ...more - MarByz

8 Engmano

Tsundere x Tsundere = nuclear blast - MarByz

9 Gerita

In all honesty, I see them as friends

Terribly annoying, awful, nauseous, wrong

10 PruCan

I honestly have no idea why this is ship to begin with since I haven't even seen them interact before. You could just say they have chemistry or whatever, but that's really it.

Did they have ANY interaction in the anime or manga.

... The basis of this disgrace is really weird and negligible. Makes absolute 0.0 sense to me. It's as stupid as AmeBel. - MarByz

The Contenders

11 Belgmano

Not to say that I hate it, but it’s too overrated. - MarByz

12 LietBel

I don't really hate it, but Belarus treats Lithuania horribly and he deserves much better. - MarByz

13 CanSey

I can see them having friendly or even brother/sister-like relationship, but nothing more than that. - MarByz

14 Taichi
15 DenNor

I see them more like best friends then Boyfriends. I mean like the fact that Norway is there for Denmark and Denmark is there him but I just can't see then in a romantic way. I get that they had history together but from it doesn't really change my mind. Plus the fact that I hear about it anywhere I go even if it has nothing to do it. Can you people please give it a rest sometimes. I'm not going to judge people's ships, but people are always saying "Only Denmark can make Norway smile." or "Denmark likes to mess with Norway let him know he cares and will never leave his side." Honestly, that's what most Best Friends relationship is like. So, no matter what you say, I will only see Norway and Denmark as best friends.

I like them as a pair, but not in the romantic way most of the fandom likes them. In my opinion, they're more like brothers.

16 AmeViet

Nuh. The history between them is not actually a good one. But it's still MUCH better than AmeBel. - MarByz

17 Pruhun

This one doesn't make sense. Prussia and Hungary don't even like each other. Also Hungary is annoying as hell. Prussia could beat her up anytime.

18 RusCan

I think only the people who hate Canada ship this. - MarByz

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