Top Ten Least Favorite Items In Team Fortress 2

This is (mostly) opinion based. Some items may not be bad but are very hard to use properly.

The Top Ten Least Favorite Items In Team Fortress 2

1 Vaccinator

Just use the stock Medi Gun. This is a completely useless weapon. You can give good damage resistance, sure. But in a fire fight the ubers from this thing are so short and you're getting hit by multiple damage types not just one. And it builds uber so slow at overheal. It's the worst weapon in the game. Suggestion: Garbage Pile - DerGiggler

2 Overdose

This is the only syringe gun that has a damage penalty. Sounds ok when you hear that you have a speed bonus when at full uber. But 10%? That's like adding the speed of a Brass Beast Heavy to the Medic (and it doesn't take away speed). Useless weapon at any time. Suggested Stats: +1% uber on hit with a max speed boost
Of a Concheror - DerGiggler

3 Vita-Saw

Less health is a bad penalty when you want extra uber. It lets you keep 20% of your uber when you die, which sounds bad already. We should keep all of our uber when we die if we have less health. Bring the penalty to -25 if you have to, it would still make it usable. Suggested Stats: -25 Max Health
Keep all ubercharge on death - DerGiggler

4 Sun-on-a-Stick

This does no damage and has practically no moments. Crits burning players? Burning players are dead already. If a W+M1 Pyro isn't killing people or at least bringing their health down they'll figure out how to in a few minutes. You won't be able to use this for it's intended use. Suggested Stats: Right click launches a flare - DerGiggler

5 Ambassador

I know it's basically the stock pistol for Spies, but if you're good with this I salute you. How is it that we're supposed to aim from long range at a head smaller than a pinhead with a hitbox that's so glitchy we may as well shoot a wall? It's insane. Then there's people on crit servers that use it. Why? Seriously, why? I legitimately want to know the reasoning. Crit Revolvers do more damage than crit Ambassadors and all revolvers are 100% accurate on their first shot, so the Ambassadors are useless on crit servers. - DerGiggler

6 Sharpened Volcano Fragment

The pointless thing about this weapon is that you are completely vulnerable in levels with water. At least make it do a decent amount of damage.

A melee weapon that sets people on fire is always good. But when it's for the Pyro, a class that already has 2 slots for setting people ablaze, do you really need to get that close to do the job that you've done from long to medium range? The answer is always no. Suggested Stats: When airblasted or Jarated or Mad Milked it
Turns to steel and does 75% more damage but
Doesn't ignite players. - DerGiggler

7 Huo-Long Heater

This goes through ammo like a fat guy through Pringles. It's nice that you have a ring of fire around you because it keeps people away or they'll probably die, but it's clear that it's a spy-proofing weapon. Unfortunately, the only spies you'll 100% be able to deflect are Spy-Cicle Spies because their knife melts, but other spies can still backstab you if you aren't quick enough. - DerGiggler

8 Beggar's Bazooka

As good as a barrage of rockets sounds, it doesn't work that great. You have to load up 3 rockets incredibly slow, and if you load too many you blow yourself up. You have to know exactly where people are, and they have to be at medium range or you will miss your shots or blow yourself up anyway. Sure it has moments but it's not a great weapon. Suggested Stats: You don't lose your shot when you overload the chamber or use ammo. - DerGiggler

9 Cleaner's Carbine

This is also a good weapon, but it's hard to use it at it's full potential. It's the SMG but slower firing with a smaller clip size. When you get kills with it you get mini-crits for a few seconds. Pairing it with the Bushwacka is a great combo. If you can actually get a kill with it you'll be unstoppable. Pretty big if though, considering the fact that you do no damage. Suggested Stats: +25% Damage Bonus
Silent Killer - DerGiggler

10 Scottish Resistance

It's really not a bad weapon, but why lay sticky traps when you could sticky spam? It's a perfect weapon for laying traps but not for the offensive harassing that we know of from any other secondary for the Demo. - DerGiggler

The Contenders

11 Bill's Hat
12 Persian Persuader

This melee weapon becomes totally pointless once a medic is in your team. A waste of time when you don't have the chargin targe

13 Cozy Camper

This backpack gives you +1 health every second with no downsides, sounds good until you find out you have no SMG and the extra health is so little it may as well not exist

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