Least Favorite Letter/Initial for a Name

What letter are you grateful does not start your name? A letter you like so least of all that you will avoid giving it to your own child one day? A letter that brings negative thoughts to your mind, or one you just don't like the look of and can't explain why? Vote!

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1 Q

Q. I mean, why would you want to have the most UNCOMMON initial for your name? - Minecraftcrazy530

Q looks horrible! The only way I would is if u didn't come after, but THAT looks stupid!

2 F

F is quite possiblY the worst letter, both for a name and otherwise. F Stands for FAIL

This is such a dumb list. - alexcousins

I don't like the way f looks or sounds

(Joy moment from inside out) think positive! Sure f stands for fail but it also stands for fantastic! Sry I'm a geek

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3 U
4 X

Nobody I know has a name starting with X - PatrickStar

X names are kinda ugly- no offense, I just don't like em

Hey, Xander is an awesome name - xandermartin98

I don’t know any names that start with x.

5 Y
6 D
7 C

The mean girl has a name with "c" the loser girl has a name that starts with "C" - AnonymousChick

This list is dumb - SammySpore

My initials are M.C. - Wolftail

8 E
9 B
10 A

Hey! A is a very common first initial like Ashley or Aracely or ally or Ashlyn shall I go on?

The Contenders

11 P

My name is Paige and I hate my name! It is so simple and sounds like a pretty pink princess that is weak and over dramatic. It's awful!

I get made fun of for my name being Peyton. People are so mean. - letdot52

12 H
13 M
14 G

It is so weird for an initial. Especially for a girl. - TheTop4

15 W
16 S
17 I
18 J
19 K
20 L
21 N
22 O
23 R
24 V
25 Z
26 T
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