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61 My Life Me My Life Me My Life Me is a French-Canadian animated television series created by JC Little, Cindy Filipenko and Svetlana Chmakova, co-directed by Mr.

Its bad at everything. The only thing its good at is being bad. - UnlawfulMatron

It's not on any of these channels - Cartoonfan202

An anime-inspired rip off gone to hell through its stereotypical characters, bad humor and crappy animation. (Insert cring here).

62 Level Up Level Up Level Up is a live-action television series that was aired on Cartoon Network. A film with the same title, which served as a pilot for the series, premiered on November 23, 2011. The series premiered on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, at 8 p.m.
63 Sidekick Sidekick

I think this is okay

64 Supah Ninjas Supah Ninjas Supah Ninjas is an American action-comedy superhero series, created by Leo Chu and Eric Garcia. The series premiered as a special preview on Nickelodeon on January 17, 2011 in the United States and started airing regularly on April 16, 2011 . V 1 Comment
65 How to Rock How to Rock How to Rock is a critically panned American teen sitcom that ran on Nickelodeon from February 4 to December 8, 2012. It stars Cymphonique Miller as Kacey Simon. The series is based on the 2011 book, How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston published by Little, Brown Books For Young Readers and Alloy more.

That's because there is no laugh track. When I watch iCarly I end up doing forced laughter

I saw this show once and I laughed zero times.

More like how to crap on Nickelodeon shows

Amazing show

66 Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on July 1, 2011.

This show honestly just wasn't funny... AT ALL!

67 The Naked Brothers Band The Naked Brothers Band The Naked Brothers Band is an American children's television series created by Polly Draper for Nickelodeon.

This show actually wasn't all that bad!

The name says it all

From the sound of the name of this show it is offiveive and iniproite

68 Pair of Kings Pair of Kings Pair of Kings is an American television sitcom that originally aired on the cable channel Disney XD from September 10, 2010 to February 18, 2013. The sitcom's target audience was teenagers.

Boomer and just couldn't hate them

This show is lame and boring! Disney sucks!

69 Wendell & Vinnie Wendell & Vinnie Wendell & Vinnie is an American sitcom television mini-series that premiered on Nickelodeon on February 16, 2013 and ran until September 22, 2013. The series stars Jerry Trainor and Buddy Handleson. The first official promo for the show was released on December 21, 2012.

Encourages kids to look at porn

Forgot about this show. Why is it higher than gravity falls again?

70 iCarly iCarly iCarly is an American teen sitcom that ran on Nickelodeon from September 8, 2007 until November 23, 2012. The series, created by Dan Schneider, focuses on teenager Carly Shay, who creates her own web show called iCarly with her best friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson.

Stop adding good shows to the list. I don't see nothing wrong with this show. It's for little kids to laugh at. I don't agree that this was when Nickelodeon went downhill. When the Fairly oddparents came back and when the mighty b air that's when Nickelodeon became trash. Fairly odd parents wasn't that bad but it wasn't better when Poof came to the show. The old episodes were much better with just Timmy,Cosmo,and Wanda.

This show is super funny! I wish they were my friends, they have like no rules!

Some say this is where Nick went downhill


V 10 Comments
71 Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place is an American fantasy teen sitcom which ran from October 12, 2007 to January 6, 2012 on Disney Channel. The series was created by Todd J. Greenwald, and stars Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin as three wizard siblings with magical abilities competing to win sole more.

There's nothing at all just copying almost everything from Harry poter even the school the dress look like huffelpuff's house dress. There's just funny and the magic was nothing special at all. I'd rather watch hannah Montana instead of this.

A ripoff of Harry Potter

Peopole only like it because it magical. That's how it won an award.

It's at a low 65 for a reason.
It won an award for a reason.

72 The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.

The show's been dead ever since Poof and Sparky were added

Not early 2010-2011 Poof 2012-present with ALL of the characters ruined it and it all started with late season 8 and Sparky.

Okay, the old seasons were amazing. But the new ones suck. So, I can see why it's on here.

There Is nothing wrong with The Fairly OddParents. I suggest you delete this off here. - Yoshiarta123456789

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73 Full House Full House Full House is an American sitcom created by Jeff Franklin for ABC. The show chronicles a widowed father, Danny Tanner, who enlists his best friend and brother-in-law to help raise his three daughters.

This is my favorite show why isn't it one of the very last on this list and why isn't it #1 on the top?

I love this show

I love this show why is it here - mayamanga

Why is this on here?

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74 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I love this show. Good character development and teaches the importance of families.

This show needs to be off air because it is so not funny

75 I Didn't Do It I Didn't Do It

It tells 7 year old girls and boys to lie and break rules. It also is unrealistic, who would break into a museum and not go to jail? ( now you museum, now you don't ) or go to a movie theater and enspect popcorn, and not get caught by the manager after you spilled all of the popcorn and spilled juice every where? Personally, I think this show is retarded.

This show is new so I guess that's why it wasn't on here before, but Breadwinners was and that premiered after this.

This is a very bad influence on young children are children supposed to think that they can get away with things.

I can't believe they put Dick Butkus on this show. He should have tackled the kids and bam! It's a episode.

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76 The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (also known as Billy & Mandy) is an American animated television series created by Maxwell Atoms for Cartoon Network, and is the 14th of the network's Cartoon Cartoons (albeit namely when it was part of Grim & Evil; the show is considered separate from Cartoon Cartoons more.

I used to watch this it was my childhood, I don't remember when the first time I watch it. - Yoshiarta123456789

It Was Disturbing, But Still Funny.

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77 Codename: Kids Next Door

This might no have been all of that, but I can name a whole bunch of other cartoons that are far worse then this!

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78 Zoey 101 Zoey 101 Zoey 101 is an American teen drama television series which originally aired on Nickelodeon from January 9, 2005 until May 2, 2008. It focuses on the lives of teenager Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears), her brother (Paul Butcher), and her friends as they attend Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), a fictional more.

This show is better than Drake & Josh, Drake & Josh fans have no taste in comedy, Drake & Josh has a laugh track and Zoey 101 doesn't.

This show had funny moments, like when Logan and Michael were making ribs lol.

WOW... Drake and Josh is wayy better then this crap!

79 Squirrel Boy Squirrel Boy Squirrel Boy is an American animated series created by Everett Peck for Cartoon Network. Before Squirrel Boy, Everett Peck was known for creating Duckman on USA Network from 1994 to 1997. It premiered on May 28, 2006 and ended on September 27, 2007, with a total of 52 eleven-minute episode segments. more.
80 Sonny With a Chance Sonny With a Chance Sonny with a Chance is an American sitcom created by Steve Marmel which aired for two seasons on Disney Channel from February 8, 2009 to January 2, 2011. The series follows the experiences of teenager Sonny Munroe, portrayed by Demi Lovato, who becomes the newest accepted cast member of her favorite more.

This show was a bunch of Disney Channel bopper crap! Demi Lovato can't act to save her life and the other actors suck as well!

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