Top Ten Least Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is a symptom of overwork, and may lead to depression. This is not a list of humor or jokes. It is a warning of what not to do when stress happens. Although you may vote, please vote on what you think is the unhealthiest.

The Top Ten

1 Do Drugs

This is an absolute no, worse than any of the ones below. Doing drugs will just turn your life completely upside-down. And I do not mean medication, which is completely fine. It is the addictive ones that will mess you up, and will be worse than stress - wren6

2 Smoke

Smoking is another no. If you are not under 18 don't do this. If you are over 18, don't do this under stress. - wren6

3 Hurt Yourself

Do not bite your nails or play with your teeth or cut yourself - wren6

4 Eat Too Much

In fact, this may add to your stress by making yourself fat, therefore ruining your body image - wren6

5 Drink Alcohol
6 Play Too Much Video Games

A little is ok if you want to break from stress, just set a time limit or alarm. - wren6

7 Keeping It a Secret

Probably should be first. Bottling it up causes a chain reaction of other things mentioned in this list. Release the burden; talk to someone you trust. - Britgirl

In other words, not telling anyone else... - wren6

8 Binge-Watch TV
9 Procrastinate Procrastinate

If possible, try to finish all your work so you wont be stressed later. - wren6

10 Eat Too Much Sweets

The Contenders

11 Commit Suicide

Yikes! That is too far and very sad.

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