Top Ten Least Heavy Green Day Songs


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1 Song of the Century

A song so short, it doesn't even qualify as rock. - Pony

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2 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

It's the complete opposite of a punk rock song, but it managed to become one of Green Day's biggest hits. - Pony

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3 Drama Queen

A somewhat underrated song off the Trilogy, it features acoustic guitars and soft vocal delivery. - Pony

4 Ordinary World Ordinary World

Technically a Billie Joe Armstrong song but it still a Green Day song. It has the same things as Drama Queen. - Pony

5 All by Myself

The strange, adorable ballad from none other than Tré Cool. - Pony

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6 Macy's Day Parade

No other comments besides the fact that it's another acoustic ballad. - Pony

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7 Last Ride In

Green Day takes a surprising turn with this surf rock instrumental. - Pony

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8 Amy - Green Day

This song is one of the better songs off of Dos, because it's more serious than half of the album. - Pony

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9 Warning

Obvious choice for this list. This opening track is quite the start to one of Green Day's best albums. - Pony

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10 8th Avenue Serenade

While this song isn't another acoustic song, the soft riffs and a poppier vibe makes this song more related to Vampire Weekend than Green Day. - Pony

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