Top Ten Least Known, but Interesting Cats in Warriors

Top ten most characters in warriors that seem interesting, but don't have much back-round or story added to them.

The Top Ten

1 Leapordstar

She seems really interesting, you kinda know some back-round of her's if you read Crookedstar's promise but that's all. - Goldenstar

2 Redtail

Actually, they released Redtail's Debt along with Tawnypelt's Clan and Shadowstar's Life. It shows a lot of his backstory, and its really interesting seeing Tigerclaw and Redpaw(tail) interact!

There's not much about him because he died in the first book, but he seems amazing. - Goldenstar

3 Darkstripe

It would be interesting to see him as a kit - Silvercloud

He seems interesting we don't know much about him though... - Goldenstar

Most people see him as a really evil cat, but we never really got to know him.It’s never mentioned if he had any siblings or children.His father was Tawnyspots and his mother was willowpelt,but that’s about all we know.He never really showed signs of being evil to other cats in his clan,only being bossy.perhaps he just didn’t like kittypets. I think it would be cool if he got his own super edition because we never saw him as a kit,or even an apprentice.Here’s something weird though,in the first book it’s shown that Longtail’s mentor used to be Darkstripe.Now if Willowpelt is old enough to have a son who has an apprentice who’s now a warrior,and Willowpelt had Sorreltail and her brothers later in the series,when Firestar is at least deputy,how old is Willowpelt?

4 Lionheart

He seems so loyal and kind but then he dies, which is so sad R.I.P - Goldenstar

5 Moonflower

She seems sweet and kind as Bluestar's mother, but we never get to know her. - Goldenstar

She is a devil and I hate her. - Maplewing

6 Brindleface

Tigerstar is now the worst villas in my eyes other than Rainflower. She is so nice and protective. She loves every kit and goes back to being a warrior.

I absolutely love brindleface. I will get revenge, bloody revenge on you murderer Tigerstar

She seems so kind and sweet and clearly has some beauty as Cinderpelt and Brakenfur's mother and I was so sad when Tigerstar killed her as bait for the dogs. - Goldenstar

7 Midnight

Midnight saved the clans! So tell me...why does she deserve to be in this list?!

Yes I know she's a badger but she seems so interesting. - Goldenstar

8 Brook

She was interesting because she had a cool background with the tribe I wonder which dawn of the clans cats shes related to and if she is related to stormfur

She would be cool to get to know because of her back-round and where she came form. - Goldenstar

9 Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

Yes, she is a kittypet but It would be interesting to know more about her. - Goldenstar

10 Purdy

I honestly think Purdy is amazing He's so funny but I would like to know a little more about his past. - Goldenstar

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? Socks
? Barley

The Contenders

11 Snowtuft

I quite like him...

We really don't know anything about him and he just floats around...

12 Primrosepaw
13 Sol
14 Moon Shadow
15 Shrewpaw
16 Quick Water
17 Smoke
18 Smudge
19 Lion's Roar
20 Mudfur
21 Brambleberry


22 Bright Stream

She wasnt an important cat but she had an interesting and strange and special relationship with Clear Sky

23 Storm

She was sweet and cute

24 Rusty

No one knows that much about Firestar before he left to become a ThunderClan cat.

25 Patchpelt

We know that he’s Graystipe’s father,but he was already in the elders den when Graystripe was just barely even an apprentice.Plus Willowpelt is his SISTER! and they were MATES!

26 Cherrypaw

It’s mentioned that she was one of the kits of Robinwing and Fuzzypelt,but I don’t know if she’s in the same litter as Dustpelt and Ravenpaw or not! I’m pretty sure Robinwing had at least three litters,two of them with Fuzzypelt and one with Patchpelt. I don’t think they’re in the same litter as Frostfur and Brindleface because in Bluestar’s prophecy a third kit was never mentioned.perhaps she died in battle. I know that they were fighting with Riverclan over the sunningrocks

27 Nutwhisker

We know more about Rowanberry than about Nutwhisker,which is pretty sad because we don’t know much about Rowanberry either.

28 Swiftpaw

Never knew much about him except for the thing with the in peace Swiftpaw,rest in peace.

29 Hawkheart

It would be nice to know what happened before he became a medicine cat

30 Rosetail

We know that she’s Thistleclaw’s sister,but we never saw much of her before she became an elder, and then died.

31 Rock

I can picture him as a long haired silver tabby with bright blue eyes.we know nothing about him before he becomes a blind hairless cat who lives in a tunnel with his stick. - Silvercloud

32 Runningwind

We know nathing. - Silvercloud

33 Maggottail

Wasn’t it said that Maggottail had been in the dark forest for a long time? Ivypool said it I think.It would be cool to hear more about this cat.Shadowclan probably.Thunder and his bunch are still in Starclan,so he probably shows up when they’ve got the whole names thing figured out. - Mossfur

34 Minnowpaw
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