Top Ten Least Metal "Metal" Genres

Genres that have the word 'Metal' in the name, but fall away from Traditional Heavy Metal for various reasons.
(ONLY GENRES WITH THE WORD 'METAL' in them, so don't expect genres like 'Grindcore' or 'Deathcore' to make this list).

The Top Ten

1 Metalcore Metalcore

More related to punk, because of the screamed vocals and dirty guitars.
I have to admit, Metalcore is fast, and Traditional Heavy Metal is also fast at times, but metal isn't just speed.
Not only that, Metalcore is (nearly) fully relied on breakdowns, and Traditional Heavy Metal has something called 'guitar solos'.

2 Nu Metal Nu Metal

Great list with very good reasoning. Good job Kiyomi. - Metal_Treasure

3 Rap Metal

Very closely related to Nu Metal because of the rapping, but there are a few differences, like Rap Metal being in higher tunings sometimes, and Nu Metal expanding the 'non-metalness' with electronics and a pop structure.
That doesn't mean Rap Metal is more metal.
It still falls away from Traditional Heavy Metal, because Rap Metal is a bit slower, and it focuses much more on rhythm and has no guitar solos.

4 Alternative Metal Alternative Metal Alternative metal is a music genre that infuses heavy metal with influences from alternative rock and other genres normally associated with metal.

Considered as metal because of downtuned guitars and screamed vocals, while traditional heavy metal has no screamed vocals and has mostly standard tunings.
I put this lower than Nu Metal, because Nu Metal takes THIS genre, and expands it with rap and electronica, making it sound even LESS metal.

5 Drone Metal

This is not metal at all.
It's just ONE note stretched and delayed throughout one musical piece.

6 Glam Metal Glam Metal

People just call it glam rock... - EliHbk

Glam Metal is more hard rock actually, because it's slightly slower than Traditional Heavy Metal, and it's very poppy.
Seriously, Traditional Heavy Metal isn't that heavy, so why did Glam Metal have to reduce the heaviness of a genre that isn't even that heavy?

7 Kawaii Metal

Poppy Metal, but then fast.
..And use of EDM and industrial.
And EDM and Metal are completely different from each other, so this is not only strange, but also very far away from Heavy metal.

8 Industrial Metal Industrial Metal

I don't listen to Industrial Metal that often, but as far as I can tell:
It's not very metal.
It is more relied on electronics.

9 Depressive Suicidal Black Metal

Same with 2nd Wave Black Metal, but then MORE repetitive, and MORE Lo-Fi.

10 2nd Wave Black Metal

I don't listen a lot to 2nd Wave Black Metal, but as far as I can tell:
It doesn't sound like Traditional Heavy Metal at all to me.
I'm not saying it isn't metal, but it is less metal, because the tremolo picking, the blast beats and the lo-fi makes it repetitive, while Traditional Heavy Metal is complex and full of variety.

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