Top Ten Least Popular Names for Girls That Are Still Good


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1 Arabella

I love it - blackflower

2 Belle

Like Belle from Beauty and the Beast - WinchesterGirl26

3 Jade

Actually this name is super popular. Are some people stupid?

This name is super popular whoever put it on this list must be living under a rock.

My bff is named jade and I think the name is cool

This name is all over the place

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4 Belinda

That's my mum's name...
(She's 68 years old)

5 Kelsa
6 Melanie

I just love this name. - cosmo

And my name...
God you have all my family's first names on here

7 Pink

Who names their kid pink? after the singer? The name Pink just screams 'hey look at me I'm better than you.'

8 Lovely

Lovely is actually a real name? Never heard of someone named like that - cosmo

Lovely was a contestant on Food Network Star. - davakoh

So if some likes her you must say " you look really lovely,lovely " - Toucan

9 Hannah

I really like this name, It is one of my favorite characters name in the Popular ABC Show, "Pretty Little Liars."

I didn't know this name was known as unpopular. I know a number of girls my age that have this name. - BKAllmighty

Hannah is great how is this website right

The name is actually popular. - Luckys

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10 Larissa

My second grade frenemie was named Larissa - AnonymousChick

Larissa is a beautiful name, mine is Risha

The Contenders

11 Beatrice


12 Beatrix
13 Caroline
14 Danika
15 Katrina

This used to be a relatively popular name until Hurricane Katrina. Now it's pretty rare. I like the name, but I understand that nobody is going to want to name their child after a catastrophic hurricane. - NicholasYellow

Just because there was a hurricane doesn't mean that every Katrina is evil!

16 Sierra

I love this name, it has this tone of beauty to me. - Magenta_Flame

17 Ashton

It's my name, and I've heard other girls been called this. So, why is it always mistakened for a boy's name? I think it's nice... - MontyPython

18 Jayde
19 Grey
20 Lissa
21 Sue
22 Katherine
23 Yaoying
24 Maribelle

This name is almost identical to one of my cat OC's name, Mirabella. - RiverClanRocks

25 Gale
26 Tyler
27 Dannielle

It the best name!

28 Ruth
29 Lydia
30 Sadie

I think its very beautiful!

31 Hailey
32 Virginie
33 Libbya

Pretty name!

34 Mary
35 Lucille
36 Melissa
37 C.J
38 Helga
39 Katy
40 Sybil
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