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1 CCDdha

He is not

This is extremely unpopular. The channel has 0 subscribers. It has one video and it goes for 7 seconds. The video shows people with yellow teeth laughing. The video is called IMG 6676. - cjack229

2 Pokémon and dogs Pokémon and dogs

Very few know about this one but it is actually pretty good. This is my channel. I do Pokemon, dogs and Pokemon cards videos and I have a small series of episodes called Cooper's life show. I also have others. My channel is so unpopular because it has one subscriber. My highest viewed video is 30 views and the lowest is 4 views. - cjack229

3 chris floyd

He has only 1 subscriber. He has many videos. His highest viewed video is 58 views. Here is the link
h ttps:// w ww.y outube .com/user/cdhfloyd/videos - cjack229

4 Bfjy Cvfh

This guy only has 3 subscribers and 1 video. The video is called Inceptator LA tot. The person is speaking a different language so I cannot tell what he says. The video has 15 views. - cjack229

5 Shadow lord

Shadow lord only has 6 subscribers currently. He has 3 videos but they are on average of 10 views. He has a Call of Duty video, an intro video and a shadow of mordor video. Here is the li nk. h ttps:// w ww.y outube .com/channel/UChJ7mNt0HaEfhLrtfiY6kgA/videos - cjack229

6 Passion for smashin Passion for smashin

This channel has 4 subscribers and two videos. The first video has 61 views currently and the second has 23 views currently. The first has 5 likes and the second has 4 likes. Here is the li nk. h ttps:// w ww.y outube .com/channel/UCFXYACQRZaBK9jSE6M3rgLw - cjack229

7 Dijand1000

Has 11 subscribers. He made 12 videos. Most of his videos are above 100 views. He also has a playlist.
Here is the li nk. h ttps:// w ww.y outube .com/user/Dijand1000 - cjack229

8 Drew Colen
9 Kid getting fat Kid getting fat

what - PeeledBanana

10 Darren Wrht

He has one video called trolls trailer, which has only 6 views and only has 1 subscriber. Here is the li nk. h ttps:// w ww.y outube .com/channel/UCWcJushZSRXMHt_VZMeH1Xg - cjack229

The Contenders

11 H

Who is H? -KarenLucina554


12 Just Cool Animate

This is my channel and I have been on for almost 3 years and I only have 29 subs

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