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Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England part of the northeastern region of the United States.


I've lived in Mass since 1985. Yes, I'm an African American male. I'm shocked as seeing Mass as the no. 2 least racist state in the US. I would implore to all those who have contributed to this sample to walk a mile in my shoes. Just following the money and prosperity! Look at the hiring practices, the good jobs, the bonuses, raises. Look at the participation in prosperity. oh, look at the not only towns and communities that surround the the City of Boston, look at the city of Boston. I wonder if there's a Martin Luther King Blvd of Street here in-spite of him attaining his degree in Theology here? Got to love to survey... smile

From personal experience, I have been to most big cities in this country and have also visited a good amount of the surrounding areas. Growing up in Queens NY you'd be surprised how much racist sentiment still pervades there and even Manhattan. While I'm sure there are racists here in MA like everywhere, since I have moved here with my husband seven years ago to be near his family (I am black he is white) I have been lucky enough not to have encountered any racial intolerance toward myself or us as a couple. (Unbelievable compared to what I'm used to when I travel.) Overall people here like NY, are intense and in your face about the silliest things, but to their credit they really seem to not give a crap about color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

I think Massachusetts and Maryland are the least from my experience as an American citizen

I am inter-racially married, have lived in several states, and found Massachusetts to be the most tolerant. The various ethnic/racial groups have history squabbling, but eventually their offspring intermarry and complain about whoever is new on the block for a few years.

I am an black american who was born and raised unfortunately among these people. Racism is EXTREMELY prominent here.. so much so that it is known across america. The only difference is that you don't get called the N word very often but they are strategically racist. For instance, they won't tell you that you can't go certain places in this town, however, they make you uncomfortable enough to know you're not welcome.. which is worse to me. There are no real activities for me to do unless I want to be a club rat, and the black people don't stand together for anything.. they just sit back and accept what they are given. When you search for employment, you need to know you can't wear braids, dreds, or any other style that may be ethnic. And particularly being a woman of color, I find that the only way you can properly fit in is if you have a partner who is of the fairer skin. In my life, I have not been able to really enjoy the "feel" of Boston because its in places "I can't go to" for ...more

I lived in MA all my life, still do, I'm a ginger and I never get problems because of that. Neither do people of other races, religions etc. There are a few racists, but hey, every place has them.

The city of Boston it's self is not racist at all, it is actually quite diverse and unique. But Massachusetts as a whole is probably one of the more racist nor eastern states.

People who rate mass are always counting the east coast where most of the state population live but the rural areas are as backward as any southeast racist towns.

Really?! (Snickering) This state is such a hypocritical joke! But seriously, its not as bad New York, the worst state in the nation.
Massachusetts > New York

I'm Indian and I live in Massachusetts and there is no racism whatsoever here. Actually people are way too strict on racism, the littlest things are considered racist. - LaserSharkYT

This state isn't to bad, RACISM is.everywhere but I wouldn't rate here #2 try #4. Someone didn't do their homework. #4 belongs in #2 slot. Undercover racism Is here. And most people here are shallow (try saying hi and watch the expression). Always has been the most undercover racist state on the eastcoast. Sure different ethnicity groups will mingle. But don't be surprised if you hear these words I'm not racist but I don't date out of my race. Give it another generation or two. You will find some of the best schools and hospitals here though

18 years in Massachusetts as an Indian and not once have I encountered an act of racism.

There are many high level schools. People are educated in Massachusetts.

Its definitely not racist like the south, but somewhat prejudiced and color conscious.

Its just the Irish that are racist. Everyone else is normal here.

In an interracial relationship, no problems yet, thinking about moving to South Carolina

I grew up in MA and I swear I almost NEVVVEEERR heard anything racist. I don't know what it's like in other parts of the state but my town is in the Middlesex county and though I wouldn't call it diverse, there are definitely many people of different races and as far as I know, most of them aren't facing so much racism.

I've lived in Massachusetts all my life and I've never had any problems with racism..

Lived in Mass for 20 years. Seen a few racist encounters stemming from both blacks and whites. All verbal though. For 20 yrs that ain't bad. There will always be a few bad eggs in every state though.

I have lived there. When I first moved tehre I wondered why everyone smailed or greeted. I thought it was out of fear for a gorgeous black woman. I late found out that MA is the kind gentle society anyone would like to live in.

One of the most progressive and liberal states.

Very un-racist from the top down. Massachusetts is the state that produced W.E.B. Dubois and Phillis Wheatley. Schools have strong diversity programs, and the cities and the suburbs are extremely progressive. Out west there are a couple bad apples, but I've lived here two decades and I've never seen the stars and bars.

I lived in malden MA and I only encountered one confederate but it wasnt even that clear and I have plenty of African American friends and my ethnicity is Brazilian and I was never discrimanated and I've never seen anyone else be bullied for they're skin where I live in MA

MA, my favorite state and one of the least racist of America.
You can do wathever you want and the people don't discriminate you beacusa you're black, white, Asian, hispanic... Etc.

Don't worry, you can walk happy in Quincy, Boston, Braintree, cambridge, etc... And enjoy the new england environment. You're free!

I am a light skinned, European looking Hispanic, lived, studied and worked in Massachusetts for several years, and I experienced horrible prejudice, to the point that I decided to move out. don't get me wrong, Massachusetts has many good things to offer its citizens, especially their Indians, Asians and white citizens. Its health care for instance, is one of the best. In the nation, but blacks, hispanics and Muslims are highly stereotyped.