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21 Nevada Nevada Nevada is a state in the Western, Mountain West, and Southwestern regions of the United States of America.

Been living in Vegas for fifteen years and the strip is full of everything but I'd go ahead and say that most racism in Vegas happens there as tourists bring it along with them. Locals tend to mind their own business and you will find every race living here. I was born in Los Angeles and I will go ahead and say that people were much more kept to their own races while I was living there there. In Vegas, when I started school here, I was surprised to see people of all different races getting along and if there were problems, race happened to be the least of them.

Moved to carson city, nv from California and found this place the most racist.

Grew up in Las Vegas. It's a melting pot. There's still a few old white people spewing dumb, but you're more likely to be pulled over for being a juggalo than just being black. The schools encourage positive diversity. I didn't see a whole lot of racism until I moved to Texas, now I'm overwhelmed with it.

Me again. Forgot to mention that I can't say anything about the rest of Nevada as most of my traveling is either to Arizona, California, or Utah. I can only speak for what it's been like in my experience here in Las Vegas.

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22 South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is bordered to the north by North Carolina, to the south and west by Georgia across the Savannah River, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

Upstate has Institutional Racism where the "old heads" have died off but left the racist narrative that is alive and well to their inheritants. The mid state has a growing number of folks who have relocated from other cities across the U.S. due to the low cost of living and have brought more of a liberal view, not to mention a Black mayor of the capitol and an Indian female as governor (albeit a Conservative Republican). The lower part of the state and parts of the Pee Dee region is plagued with poverty among minorities which gives a double blow of racism and inequality due to race and income bias. The Confederacy is alive and well and if you are open and accepting of all races as a white person, you could find this state challenging to live in.

I laughed till I caught a pain in my side! So I'm guessing this site can't be taken seriously as South Carolina made it on the list! Lived here 38 years and I have to say any non white person that says they NEVER experienced any racism while here (any county really) either was dreaming, intoxicated out of their mind, experienced a brain injury, never came out and went anywhere, have the greatest circle of pple around them al the time that kept them in that bubble, never been to a Joe Riley fish fry or a Keith Summey chicken / live DJ shindig or is a pathological lying fool! The pple here make no apologies for how they feel about Hispanics and African Americans! They want your money though! As anywhere, there are a few good hearted white folks that love (not tolerate) but love everyone and then they're all the other South Carolina white folk that tolerate but still separate themselves every chance they get from the people of color. They're people of color that are taught to hate ...more

Why is such a racist state as South Carolina listed in "Least racist states? "

You know a state is racist when it started a civil war because they wanted to keep slabes - DatRabidSlushie

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23 Indiana Indiana

No, there's a lot of ignorant rednecks here who for no reason despise anyone who's not white and if you don't agree with their beliefs you might as well be a terrorist. This is coming from a white guy, too. My #1 right now is to get out of this place. Racism isn't the only reason, it's also boring as hell and there's nothing to do here. Don't come here if you're seeking fun or racial equality and freedom of beliefs!

I live in Northwest Indiana and have had very little problem with racism. There are not a lot of jobs here and not much for kids to do after school. I live in a mixing pot area, unlike some others. I'm black and married to a white man and we have 5 children. My little encounter with racism was after we got married 3 black guys with 3 white women harassed us a little. I don't understand why is it ok for a black man to be with a white woman but not a black woman to be with a white man. Other than that no problems and

Indiana is very racist

If you want to live here let me give you directions:
South:Rich People
East:Black people and some white people
but ghetto, kinda poor, and a lot of violence
best part to live is the West

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24 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state located in the northern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico U.S.A. I lived in NYC for 35 years. Never had a problem with racism. But, following my sons, I've been living in Pa for six years now. In the first apartment that I lived there was a crazy guy who in the beginning made our lives a horror and later the wanted to forcefully befriend us leaving sexually explicit notes on my door. In the world and apt. The owner was a Puerto Rican woman that stole c
My electricity for a year and a half. In my 3rd apt the drunks and junkies didn't let us sleep partying all night. In the 4th apt. The neighborhood bullies were calling my boy F... Ng Mexican and F.. Ng Niger. In my 5th apt. all the neighbors began to complain about us and the manager tried to make us leave but he got fired. Where I live in our 6th apartment, the superintendent pray on women that live alone and goes into the apartments when they are not home. I want to leave this town so bad. I even have heart problems on account of this. No ...more

I'm from Alabama and of mixed race. I can say that there are more interracial couples in Philly than in Birmingham. A lot of others around me also agree that there's a relatively high percentage of interracial couples and friendships. However, the small town from Bama that I'm originally from has just as many if not more interracial relationships than Philly, but this probably is mainly because of the big drug problem we had in that town.

I have lived here for 6 years there is really no racism but when you go west of pa you will find some rednecks but in the suburbs near philly it's really good and I was born in Maryland and that state is not racists I love it

That state is lucky to have the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh metro areas. Otherwise it's basically another southern state when it comes to race.

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25 Oklahoma Oklahoma

I have great friends here all colors the only racism experienced here is the ignorant elder who are 60 and older my childs fsther is white his family loves my daughter my best friends are white and there are more interracial relationships and kids here than most places. Black women and white or hispanic dudes white women with black or hispanic dudes. Its cheap living great jobs and great or a single parent or one who wants to start over even if you have a background it doesn't show here so it's a good state all around. I been here 6yrs and I'm from Chicago I love it here. I experienced a new life a better life build a great home and good work ethics here, my bosses were equal and great to work with the inly racism I ever experienced was from extremely old people who is dumb and still live in the old days its 2015 people there wont be a pure blood line of just one race by 2040 it will be more interracial kids and couples than ever watch and see.

Oklahoma has the third highest biracial population in the United States at 4.5% of the population. In my experience people are judged by their behavior, not race.

Oklahoma - highest in charitable giving, most willing to help in an emergency, tolerant and respectful.

Great place to raise of family.

This states has racism but what state doesn't norman, tulsa and edmond are the most racist parts moore Oklahoma is in between, I lived here 6yrs so I would know I lived all over. But there are more interracial couples here and more biracial kids here than any other state, it's a boring state but its good on daycares hosuing and jobs. The city is excellent and moore Oklahoma is not bad but they have tornadoes that seem to kill a lot of people its crazy because the tornadoes only seem to kill people in moore? Than any where else not the hood nor Mexicans just some parts of moore that makes me wonder...

Most racist Honrable mention Ohio, Oklahoma,Missouri,West Va Honorable mention Most progressive New York New Hampshire Vermont

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26 Ohio Ohio Ohio is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. Ohio is the 34th largest by area, the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the 50 United States.

Southeast Ohio is as racist as it gets until you get to Athens which is better because of the College and all the students. The rest of the area has lots of rednecks with very little experience with anyone from outside the area. They have little respect for themselves (lost of meth, alcohol and heroine users and abusers), and even less respect for other people especially "colors" or animals. Collectively the area has left them all with about one brain cell that they have dedicated it to pulling a trigger. Disregarding anything about aiming, knowing your target or safe handling so be very careful in the woods.

I'm not sure about the entire state, but Cincinnati is a very segregated and racist city. Ill give you two names to sum up my experience in Ohio. Office Roach and Timothy Thomas. Look it up. Ohio is the worse place for utopia.

Same racist experience here. Sadly, people in Cincinnati are very racist.

Ohio its hard to get a good job to feed your family here. Black males go to jail quick here. Columbus I heard is great but stark county, and northeastern Ohio are racist. They think the whites are better than the black people

WHAT!? I live there, so many rednecks are in Salem and racists are everywhere!

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27 Florida Florida

My experience is limited to Gainesville, Florida: a liberal college town. I'm Indian and have even dated white girls here. I have lots of white, black, Latin and Asian friends and haven't found even a single one of them to be even slightly racist.

I live in Jacksonville y unfortunately and my life has been a hellish nightmare ever since. Most racist activity I have ever seen in my life! The south is no place for a black man.

Florida is a nightmare to black people. They simply don't hire black people even if you have multiple college degrees. They don't care for people with disability. The state is a different world altogether. I pray that they will change.

I have lived in Miami for around five years now, and I've experience basically 0 racism because most people I meet are either Hispanic, African American, Haitian or from the Caribbean (I'm Jamaican)

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28 Louisiana Louisiana

Definitely a racist state! I was victimized by racism for buying my girlfriend a soda in a fast food joint. The burger joint manager called the COPS because I drank some of her soda and accused me of drinking soda without paying for it. 4 COP cars showed up and questioned me just like it was a homicide investigation or something.. Over a soda I had bought for my girlfriend mind you! All this over a mixed couple sharing a soda. I would never have an interest in returning to that state.

Louisiana is like one of the most racist states in America

Louisiana is definitely racist, but it's not only White's to Black's, people must remember it certainly goes both ways...

Mexican MUCH? what?

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29 Idaho Idaho Idaho is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. Idaho is the 14th largest, the 39th most populous, and the 7th least densely populated of the 50 United States.

Very little diversity. I was born here and grew up in North Idaho. I am mixed race, adopted into white family (on a lie that I may be "little dark" as in Greek. The racism runs deep and subtle. For instance, the community of Hayden kicked out the white supremacists however, the general population hates blacks, Hispanic immigrants, Native Americans and groups of Asians. You really have to pay attention or you would not see the racism... At least until the 2008 election. All true colors showed then and just getting worse.

Idaho is a strange state when it comes to race, but no stranger than most the southern states in the USA.

30 Virginia Virginia Virginia, officially the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States.

As an Asian married to an African American with multiracial children, I hear the things that people won't say if my spouse was present. Virginia is a very prejudice state for minorities. In highest order from black, hispanic to Asian. Unlike the south it has hidden prejudice, which is the worst kind. Growing up in Northern Virginia, I experienced less prejudice because of the racial diversity but it is still there. Now living in Central Virginia, the more south you go in Virginia, the more prejudice it gets. I am so disgusted by the experiences I have had here in central Virginia that I am actually looking on this site to figure out where I can raise my children at a place that has people that look at them as people and not skin color. - topTens101

I live in Virginia and everyone is racist here. Well not everyone but lots of them are. In middle school, this guy and I started dating. (He is white and I am black) and his mother didn't like that. So we "broke up" because of her racist ass. This has happened to me twice in the same year. If you are in an interracial relationship, don't move here. It's an awful experience. Virginia should be number 50.

I live here in VA it's not a racist state, (especially the 757 area and areas surrounding it) but you do have a few racist here and there. I would compare it to marshmallows in cereal. :) More than likely those people who are racist were not born and raised here and those who are born and raised here were born in small towns, probably ones you wouldn't even see on a map. It's only racists if you put up with it. Put the bigots in their place and they will keep it moving.

I live in northern Virginia and it isn't racist but southern Virginia is a different story

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31 Iowa Iowa Iowa is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States, bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River on the west.

Many racists in Iowa. I'm from KCMO and never encountered racism until moving to Des Moines Iowa.

I'd agree about Racism in Iowa, if you're any color besides white- DAVENPORT Iowa is where you want to be. Not that there's anything to do there but the black population is 4x higher there than in the entire state. Its not that safe either. It might as well be the ghetto of Iowa. Its ok if you don't believe me. Especially
South of Locust-East Of Division-West of Eastern Ave


This is very hilarious ignorance. Get off your ass and make something of yourself! You get a way better chance to get (and way more money in quality) government loans and grants to go to college and make a huge impact on the world and instead of accepting and pursuing it, you get mad at white people for probably saying something that you didn't like or because of someone doing something to someone you wouldn't have ever even known unless the media had blown it up. Once again, I reiterate, GO MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF!

32 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

Whoa Whoa Whoa pump the breaks! Born here in Milwaukee 1963 and raised her still here 2015. Yes you can get an education in Milwaukee but it is very racist in the hidden way. Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin and the poorest. Very segregated still. African Americans and Puerto Ricans (small % PR's) on North side, whites and Mexicans on the South side. It is only changing where now there are Latinas moving to the state and move on either side of Milwaukee. Housing is very expensive and very very old. Nothing is being built. Milwaukee is surrounded by beautiful nearby suburbs but if you are anything but white and drive into those areas you could get pulled over for anything, like a dirty license plate and believe me it will go from there. Many people of color do live in the suburbs live Brown Deer, Wauwatosa, Brookfield. If you are anything but white you face many challenges in the work place; that is where the racism is. No jobs, no promotions and you will get treated bad for ...more

Most people see Wisconsin as one of the least educated states and ignorant to mung and drunks but really its not sure there are times when people can get really drunk but for the most part Wisconsin is one of the safest states in the US where the biggest danger your likely to encounter are bees and fire ants most people in Wisconsin do drink but few people actually drive afterwards and its really the few idiots that do that give Wisconsin a bad name and the bigot issue in Wisconsin doesn't really exist are there a few. Yes but that's usually the older generation that grew up with prejudices.

This post is why people view Wisconsin as uneducated, but Wisconsin is actually one of the best educated states in the nation

The education for black people as a whole is very low compared to many other state's. I grew up most of my life here and attended the public school system in Milwaukee (Which I'm not proud of at all). Pay rate for most jobs is low and the cost of living is considerably high unless you are prepared to live in the poorer part of the city where someone dies twice a day.

To be honest as a mixed race guy (Mexican and Korean) growing up in Cali I got a lot more race hate than I do here in Wisco. Coming here for college is a lot better than it was in LA. I've made friends in just about every group, and to be honest the only racism I really see is blacksting on lighter skinned blacks. White people tend not to care at all about race here. I felt a lot more racial tension in LA growing up than I do here in Milwaukee. Yes the city is pretty segregated, but so is Detroit and just about any other deindustrialized city. One of my friends said his family left Milwaukee before he was born because the school system was bad...in the 80s, when there were still a ton of whites there, so I don't know where the comment about our governor is about. MPS has always been as far as I've been told from a bunch of people who went to school in MKE.

Also, I see at work people bending over backwards to hire black people all the time in the burbs, so the guy bitching about ...more

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33 West Virginia West Virginia

No racists here. Treated great by nice people!

Lived in northern VA and southern FL and both being diverse are more racist than WV. Great friendly state

34 Arizona Arizona

I have lived in Arizona for over 30 years. Came here as a kid and this is most certainly a very racist state! I am biracial married to a white man with two children. My son has been stopped by police for no reason other than profiling. My son was coming home from work in a uniform and yet was accused of looking like a gang member. The people moving here are ignorant confederate flag waving frightening people. I dispise this state. Comments made by others are mean and filled with hate here. I miss the kindness and diversity in California. If I could afford it my family would be out of this state yesterday!

I live here and they are too stupid to be racist.

I have lived in Arizona longer than any other state. Let me preface by saying that there really is no such thing as an Arizonan. Yes. There are some native born. Most are not. Arizona has historically had a large Native American and Hispanic population. Most white Arizona residents do not identify with Arizona...they come heavily from California, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York and Michigan. They bring their racism with them. You have a lot of old Archie Bunker types that gripe and complain and vote for people like Arpaio. The racism is more subtle, not overt. Arizona is not the problem. It is the ignorant boss or supervisor from Cedar Rapids who has never dealt with blacks, hispanics, native Americans or Asians and then behaves arrogantly and votes at a local level that reflects badly on the state.

Arizona is not the problem. It's the racist white folks that move here from the midwest that set the racist tone.

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35 Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island, officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, is a state in the New England region of the United States.

Ri has the same type of low-key racism as you'll find everywhere in the north east. This place is very small, not worth moving to or staying a long time in. Newport is dressed up with lots of tourist attractions and lights to look like a decent place for rich people to spend money, go cheat on their wives at, or take time out of their business trips to go get hammered and drive back to the hotel for their 9am meetings. they have no idea what it's really like here. (Actually, they probably do know and that's why they come here. Maybe they just know they can get away with being racist here easier than they can if they were to try that crap if the race ratio were flipped.)

I hated driving into Newport to be honest, and walking around downtown. The tourists and locals are racist, especially the yuppies with expensive cars, sperry boat shoes, short shorts with collared shirts that live in those stupid mansions or have friends that do. They all gather at the restaurants and bars that ...more

36 Montana Montana Montana is a state in the Western region of the United States. The state's name is derived from the Spanish word montaƱa.

I went to Missoula to go visit the College. There were wonderful people there and no sign of racism.

I lived in Connecticut for almost 50 years. Racism is everywhere in some form or another; however, Connecticut is one of the most expensive states in US to live therefore, we are too busy trying to survive and I have Brothers and sister that are White/Japanese; Black/Japanese, African American and we all have experience some type of prejudice. By the State itself, for the most part is not very prejudice. Southern States, Mass, Iowa have a very high rate of prejudice folks. in my opinion

Lived here 3 yrs..I'm from the caribbean...never experienced an ounce of racism here in the 3 yrs I been here. My wife is white...never had any nastly looks or smart comments. Everyone here is very accommodating friendly. Yes Montana is predominantly white...there are a lot blacks I came across moving from TX and Cali, Colorado. I like it here...colder than I like but I cannot complain.

37 Alabama Alabama Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west.

If you're African American Mexican Asian Indian or redheaded don't come here.

Of course Alabama is the most racist state in the USA.

I lived in Alabama for 11 year's and I am ( BLACK) and the only hatred I experienced was from my own family.

This state sucks

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38 Georgia Georgia Georgia is a state located in the southeastern United States. It was established in 1732, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies.

I totally disagree with the (opinions) below. I was born and raised in Kentucky, one of the most racist states in America, so moving to Atlanta was like being freed from slavery. Therefore, I think it depends on your previous experiences. As for the comments accusing blacks of being racism, that's ridiculous by definition, because black people do not posses the economic wealth required to conspire racism. I think to proper term is 'discriminate', and yes, black people do discriminate against each other, but that's not different from any other races, and its mostly based upon social differences like, income, religion, goals, etc... All people base their relations on superficial things. My pic for (least) racist, (and I'm referring to white supremacist) I choose Georgia. But, then again I've only lived in 4 states in my 50 years, so my opinions could change.


I agree with the previous posts. I am a former resident of Illinois and have been living in GA for five years. It's unbelievable how many blacks are so racist against other blacks here. What is so strange to me? I get along well with international people, but not my own race. It's time to relocate!

Isn't Atlanta the most prosperous city in the US for African-Americans? Or at least in the Top 10? I'd be far safer in Atlanta and Houston than Chicago or Detroit.

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39 Maine Maine

I mean, it's Maine. Come on. Grab a beer and come fishin. I don't care what color you are. Eat some lobster, hike a mountain, do some skiing, help your neighbor. That's it.

I have lived here in Maine my ENTIRE life and have never heard anyone say ANYTHING racist. In Maine it works like this; Hey man, lets go get a drink and get some lobster. There are A LOT of people that are black and A LOT of people that are white but I have NEVER heard a racist comment from ANYONE.

I've lived here all my life literally and never have I heard one racist word come out of anyone's mouth never ever I swear!

Thinking about moving here next year thank you guys

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40 Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming is a state in the mountain region of the Western United States. The state is the tenth largest by area, but the least populous and the second least densely populated of the 50 United States.
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